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Leica M Monochrom Henri digital rangefinder camera - Page 23
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Leica M Monochrom (MM) Digital Rangefinder Camera - Page 23

Leica M Monochrom Digital Rangefinder Camera - Page 23

Index of Thorsten von Overgaard's user review pages covering Leica M9, Leica M9-P, M-E, Leica M10,
Leica M 240, Leica M-D 262, Leica M Monochrom, M 246  as well as Leica Q and Leica SL:

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Walking on Sacred Grass

By: Thorsten Overgaard. June 11, 2014 (Latest update July 1, 2015)

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More than a year ago I went on a daytrip to Cambridge University to photograph and experience this closed and over 800 year old world with the Leica M Monochrom.


Cambridge University is a collegiate public research university in Cambridge, England. Originally founded in 1209, it is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0


It was a boys' day out with Leica cameras, visiting students in Cambridge and with a promised boat trip and dinner in the "Harry Potter dinner hall" as the finale of the day.

In retrospect the surprising turn of events was that the most memorable moments were the ones I was not supposed to photograph.


On a boat trip at Cambridge University. Matthias Frei and Hartmut Henninge from I-SHOT-IT.COM and Ernst Schlogelhofer. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0




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Inside the holy halls. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0


The Lightroom Survival Kit



Visiting Cambrdige University

We were just a very small group of enthusiasts, eager to use our cameras, given an exclusive tour to so holy and sacred locations within Cambridge University. There had probably not been any outside visitors since King Henry VIII took a one day excursion shortly before Christmas 1546 to get away from his six wifes!

Thus, nobody had even concieved the thought that somebody would actually visit, even less that they would bring cameras!


Rock'n'roll and floored with enthusiasm: Photographing the holy halls of Cambridge. Photo by Matthias Frei. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0.
Rock'n'roll and floored with enthusiasm: Photographing the holy halls of Cambridge. Photo by Matthias Frei. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0.


It took about 60 seconds before the guard turned on the creaking chair and gave me the look. They have those looks. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0


Being in a such noble institution, with such a display of respect for teaching and knowledge, we loved it!

None of us were British, so I think the basic understanding and respect was simply missing. For us it was more of a theatre play than an actual reality. This may shock my British readers, but for us the ability to break the rules without any consequences for our honor was too tempting not to be tried.

I also feel it is important to document the moment. With no obvious reason not to do so, I think it is easy to be ignorant if it servess the greatest good.






Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm Noctilux-M f/1.0


The highlight of the day may very well have been when two fellows (meaning senior members of the university; those who have been around the longest) staged a meeting in the middle of the lawn. I saw them begin to move slowly from each corner of the courtyard toward each other. They walked as if they were fighting against a tide stronger than life to get into the middle to meet.

This was definitely a picture in the making!

However, before I can begin to tell what then happened, I actually was preoccupied. I had just walked through the Harry Potter dining hall, had taken a few photos with my 50mm and had been told off by several people. "You are not to photograph inside," they said with eyes of fire.


Teenage dinner. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm Noctilux-M f/1.0


Now I was outside, and I had just changed to the 21mm so as to go back in and get the whole view of this forbidden Harry Potter hall.

I made the decision that the dining hall was eminent, and the other guys must had seen the picture in the making - the two old men - and would cover that.


If in doubt, don't ask

I was relieved when I got outside again from the Harry Potter dining hall. I had comitted a photograph that was not allowed. The actual quality of the photos was less important than the deed. That's how I felt.

But when I came outside, I saw to my horror that the others were just standing on the top of the stairs and talking, and behind them the two fellows werre standing in the midlde of the grass and talking!

While I quickly changed to the 50mm Noctilux on top of the stairs, I looked down at the two fellows who were still talking in a strange isolated manner as if they were surrounded by a force field.


"Thorsten on the Grass" by Matthias Frei. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0


I raced quickly down the stairs and toward the two men, wearing my best invisible shield, and when I was close enough I raised the camera to my eye and focused. Then I circled in the same distance counter-clockwise around them while I recorded different angles in stills.

I reached a moment where I felt I had gotten all possible viewpoints I wanted, and at that moment the two had concluded what seemed an unimportant talk, performed in a very important and dramatic manner.

As the one fellow walked back where he had come from, I was standing in the direction the other fellow would return. I still had him in the viewfinder when his face became dramatically larger as he walked closer. I took the camera down and I heard him spit the words through the hellfire: "You are not allowed on the grass", and then he walked by me as if his words had made me cease to exist.



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A shocked Hardy, Matthias, Joy and the others looked at me with wide smiles when I came back. They had been discussing the curious rule that only fellows were allowed on the grass and everybody else had to walk all the way outside, along the sides of the courtyard to cross the courtyard!


By Matthias Frei. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0


The peculiar thing that made it appear as if time actually stood still, and I was in fact invisible, was that the two had continued their talk as if nothing of the sort was happening. We all, however, had seen how they had looked at me and simply would not allow my existence to enter their sacred reality.

I got my picture.


The sudden death of Jamie

Actually we had a great time! But what I have omitted to tell is that we had a guide who was not as thrilled as us, and for whom eternal fire actually came closer for each step of the guided tour.

Jamie is a genius who has been held captured by some people I know, first at Oxford and now at Cambridge with the purpose to develop and exploit his brains to make the next revolution in lenses. It's a long story about nano, rays and sleepless nights, but one day when he gets the Nobel Prize for revolutionizing light, you will remember you first read about him here.

When we had all left with our cameras full of enjoyable moments at Cambridge that evening, he would be left at Cambridge to face the music.

Jamie after the walk on the grass. He was so desperate and pale it was hard to tell if he was going insane or was simply amused to death. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm Noctilux-M f/1.0


The library

The next stop after a walk outside the impressive buildings would be the old library. I am sure Jamie was convinced it couldn't get worse. After all, this was just a library.

But that was untill we got there. There was a character from Lord of the Rings siting by the door on the first floor of the building where the great library hall started.

Joy asked him if he had read all the books, to which he replied with a hushed reverence: "Oh-no, I'm not allowed! Those books are for the fellows to read. You and I are not allowed to look in them."

I don't know if he directly said pictures were not allowed, but it was implied in some way that we could look at but not talk about or open the books.


Leica M Monochrom with Leica 21mm Super-Elmar-M ASPH f/3.4


I had changed to my 21 mm lens which is practical in the way that it always shoots with a 90° angle, so if one holds the camera upright vertical the lines will be straight. It's a great tool to hold close to the stomach whilst making sure the camera is not tilted. Usally there is so much room in the images that one can crop them to a good balance and proportion.

The guard couldn't tell from where he was sitting if I was actually taking pictures or not, and his whole personality was not to question anything he didn't know about.


Each of the small study areas were sealed off with a lanyard. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 21mm Super-Elmar-M ASPH f/3.4


The boat trip at Cambridge University

We went outside to the outer garden of Cambridge University to grab some fresh air and take a walk, and then we would take one of the famous boat tours through Cambridge despite the cold weather.

The way it works, and has for centuries, is that the students sail the boats. I am sure there is a history behind this tradition, but I didn't ask. We tried to get through the enjoyable tour without freezing. When we ended the tour, it started raining.


In the peaceful harmony of Cambridge University that has existed for 800 years the students row their parents and tourists through the canals as it is a traditon. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0




The college life

Before we would head to dinner, we visited some of the rooms in the college so as to get an idea of how the life of a student at Cambridge University is.

The impression could be summed up in books, tea and buildings where the time stands still. Yet there is an atmosphere of adventure and something to come. Like a kids summer school.

I am sure that after having spent a few years at Cambridge University, working the books and occasionally looking out the window whilst sipping the tea, this will consist of some memories never to be forgotten It is very unique.

The girls and the boys quarters are separate, which adds some extra adventure to it all.


Inside the room of Ernst's daughter in the girls quarter. It actually is more a small apartment than a room, with a separate bedroom. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0


Dinner with Harry Potter

In the evening we were invited to the traditional dinner and would sit with the students at their long tables in the great hall.

Even it is an everyday event for all at Cambridge University, the atmosphere was tense in the hallway leading to the dining hall. I noticed some well-dressed men through a door. It turned out it was the fellows having cocktails before the dinner. Some of them would be in the big dining hall, others in another smaller and more private dining hall.


Fellows meeting before the evenings dinner. Had they turned their head and seen me, nor I or this photo would exist anymore. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm Noctilux-M f/1.0


I am sure I will have several that will correct me; " This is not Hogwarts". But to us it sure felt like it.

On the high table sat the fellows elevated so the students at the long tables could look up to them. I was strictly told not to take pictures of the hightable with the fellows.


The high table in the dining hall in the background, supposedly with the Dean of the university in the middle and the previous Deans on the walls. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm Noctilux-M f/1.0


The food was not something to write home about. It was a filling and limited meal that reminded us that feeding the soul and mind is more important than feeding the body. We enjoyed it very much, as well as the whole atmosphere of tradition.


Ernst telling stories at the dinner table. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm Noctilux-M f/1.0


When the fellows arose, everybody arose, and when they then left it was a signal that everybody was now done with having dinner.


A final group photo from the day, inside the Harry Potter dining hall. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 21mm Super Elmarit-M ASPH f/3.4.


The train back to London

We went down to the train station to take the train back to London. We polished our secret weapons and put them back in their bags.


Leica M Monochrom with Leica 90mm Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0



What I learned about the 50mm APO-Summicron

You will notice that it took a while to use the pictures I took at Cambridge University. It happens that I have lots of content that has not yet been processed for publishing. In fact, a few years in one of those rooms at Cambridge University is just what I need to finish writing all the stuff I want to tell.


Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0


In this case I was also wondering what to think of the Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0. It is said to be the best 50mm in the world, and I often have wondered why. Not till I sat down with the lens designer Peter Karbe in February 2013 that I realized what he was trying to do. And that it actually worked:

The actual interview is one of the things I have on my plate to finish, but in essence what Peter Karbe aims for - and which is perfection in lens design - is a lens that doesn't add or remove anything. Like a great microphone that would record the voice without changing it. And a great loudspeaker that would play the music without adding or removing anything. In high fidelity what is appreciated is all the stuff that isn't there.

This on one hand makes a sensationally dull lens, on the other hand the only right tool to use.

When I talked with Peter Karbe about this and the qualities he measures this perfection on, I thougth back on the pictures from Cambridge. And what I saw was that the photos were simply photos. No special Summilux M APSH silky-pearl bokeh, no dreamy smokey Noctilux-M ASPH bokeh or effect.

Simply just the image.


We visited the local cafe on our way to Cambridge University as well. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0



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New sensor in my Leica M Monochrom

As I rarely use the Leica M Monochrom these days (June 2014). The Leica M 240 is now my preferred tool.

I sent the camera to Leica in Wetzlar for adjustment and cleaning in April 2014 so as to prepare it for either eternal shelf life in my museum, or to sell it.

I think it is safe to say that the camera has always worked like a dream, in fact I can't recall a single problem with this camera. Yet, when Leica had finsihed the focus adjustments and cleaning, they sent me an e-mail that they had decided to change the sensor as the coating on the sensor glass showed small signs of cracking or peeling off. This is a different error than some of the Leica M9 sensors that had simply cracked, but both the Leica M9 sensors and the Leica MM sensors can have sign of coating on the sensor glass coming off.

Before you start worrying, remember that Leica still produce both the Leica ME and the Leica MM that uses those sensors. The Leica Digilux 2 from 2004 can still be repaired now, 10 years later (the Sony sensor in the Leica Digilux 2 can go black in some cases due to himidity/heat, and then Leica Camera AG replace them free of charge). Likely the Leica ME and MM will see the end of production in 2015 or 2016, so in 2026 I would start worrying if I still owned and used my then 14 year old Leica MM from 2012 and wanted to make sure I could take photos with it also at Christmas year 2050. In other words; deal with it if and when.


Update or the Leica M9 and Leica M Monochrom sensor issue & goodwill replacement program

December 2014: Since I wrote this in June 2014, Leica Camera AG publicly announced on December 10, 2014 that they recognize that the sensors used in the Leica M9, Leica M9-P, Leica M-E and Leica M Monochrom may have a problem, and that these sensors will be replaced under a goodwill program, no matter the age of the camera and no matter if the sensor has been replaced before. The goodwill program also opens for the possibility to upgrade to a Leica M240 or other future Leica M for a fee. You can read the statement from Product Manager Stefan Daniel on the Leica User Forum and on the Leica Camera AG website.

July 2015: Leica Camera AG just announced that they have developed a new CCD sensor for the Leica M9, Leica M9-P, Leica M-E and Leica M Monochrom which - when they have beta-tested it - can be used as replacement in the Leica M9, Leica M9-P, Leica M-E and Leica M Monochrom cameras that may require a new sensor. Thr replacement will then happen free of charge, no matter the age and use of the camera.


The street seen from the low level by the boats in Cambridge. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm APO-Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0


New adjustment technology for focus

When sending in the Leica M Monochrom (and two Leica M9 cameras) in end of April 2014, I also learned that Leica Camera AG has taken a new method of focus adjustment in use. In retrospect I remember that when I visited the empty factory in Solms where all machines had been moved out, the focus testing bench was still in the old factory.

What the new technology exactly consists of I cannot tell (because I haven't asked), but it has changed from adjusting the three screws inside the camera to also adjusting the sensor position itself. It is simply stated as "sensor adjust" on the repair form.

Hence, Leica asked for my 50mm Noctilux f/0.95 and 90mm Summicron with the cameras, so as to adjust the whole kit at once.

Which all once again reminded me how well Customer Service in Wetzlar takes care of the cameras (and customers) and makes sure a Leica is for life.


The new Leica Customer Service Pick-up Service

Leica's Pick-up Service is a new offer for a faster and easier way to send in your Leica product for service. Leica suggest that you contact your local Customer Care Representative or your local Service Partner. Your goods are collected directly from you on the agreed day. I would recommend contactling Service & Support at Leica Camera AG directly at e-mail by sending the Repair and Service Form and eventual the Proforma Invoice mentioned below. You can also use phone: +49 6441 2080-189 for questions, but e-mail iwth or without pictures to illustrate a problem is better in most cases.

This pick-up service is free of charge under warranty. However, you may also take advantage of this service outside the warranty period for a small fee.


My cameras packed and ready for Leica Customer Service.


You should fill in a Repair and Service Form to enclose the product and order the service, and if you live outside Europe, you should fill in a Proforma Invoice for the product(s) you send in to Leica for service, so as to avoid that you will be paying VAT or TAX when they return it (your Proforma Invoice against theirs simply declare it is the same value returned as sent in, hence it nullify any customs VAT and TAX). See more at the Leica website under Repair and Meintenance.


How Leica repair works

Based on experience, this is how Leica repair works when dealing directly with Leica Customer Care in Wetzlar:

1) You may ask via e-mail what an error could be and/or what a solution to a problem might be. Remember they are nice people and that they didn't personally intent your camera to fail. Treat others the same way you would like to be treated.

2) Fill out the Repair and Service Form and a Proforma Invoice and alert by sending those forms to them filled out.

3) The curier will pick up the products and Leica Customer Care in Wetzlar will know as soon as the products are picked up and their edstimated arrival time.

4) Leica Cutsomer Care will e-mail you a reciept when the products have arrived (usually on the day of arrival).

5) Leica Cutomer Care will e-mail you an estimate of repairs and their costs (looks like an invoice, even when free of charge warranty or goodwill repair).

6) You must confirm the repair estimate for it to be activated. If it includes a cost, you must fill out the credit card or bank transfer info as well. If you decide not to go on with a repair, simply fill that out on the estimate form and they will go onn with returning it free of charge.

7) Leica will send a shipping note when the product is shipping. They ship free of charge and insured.

8) The product(s) arrive back to you.


DHL coming back with by cameras and lenses.


Visiting Leica for repair

With the new factory in Wetzlar there are a few extra advantages visiting the mothership and dropping off your product(s) for repair in person. I mostly do so. As I get to travel to exotic places known for their special coffee, nice chocolate and such, I some times bring samples home with me. I think, if they have to deal with what humidity or rain did to the cameras, why not share the good experiences as well.

Some times they can fix it while you see the factory and visit the new Leitz Café, or if you are around for some days. Else it goes from step 4) above and you will get it back via DHL.


The New Leica M Monochrom in Silver Chrome

The Leica M Monochrom is now finally available in Silver Chrome as a standard model since May 28, 2014. There has been a few limited and special editions made sicne the release in 2012 of the Leica M Monochrom, as well as a few made-to-order in the beginning. Now everybody get one.

The price at BH PHoto is $7,998 and one can buy worldwide via PayPal and "buy now, pay in 6 months" without intersts (you buy now and if you pay the balance within 6 months, it is interest-free).

This most likely also means that one can ask Customer Service at Leica in Wetzlar directly for a quote for an upgrade til silver chrome if that is the dream.

The price at BH PHoto is $7,998 and one can buy worldwide via PayPal and "buy now, pay in 6 months" without intersts (you buy now and if you pay the balance within 6 months, it is interest-free).


– Thorsten Overgaard, June 11, 2014
Updated Juy 1, 2015
35,753 images so far on the Leica M Monochrom.



To be continued ...



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Above: Two fellows of Cambridge University exercise their exclusive right to walk on the grass. Leica M Monochrom with Leica 50mm Noctilux-M f/1.0.
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