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The Overgaard Photo Seminar and Advanced Workshop in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria
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Thorsten Overgaard Photo Seminars & Advanced Workshops - VIENNA and SALZBURG
Learn with Thorsten Overgaard - Workshops, Masterclasses, Extension Courses and photo seminars

Thorsten Overgaard photo workshop in Salzburg for Leica photographers and digital photographers

My goal is to instill enthusiasm in any photographer and raise his or her skill level, self-confidence and production volume. And I do.

By: Thorsten Overgaard

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The four-day Overgaard Photo Seminar & Advanced Workshop in Salzburg and Vienna is limited to each 8 participants and are the first seminars in Austria.

Location will be the Leica Gallery in Salzburg and a location centrally in Vienna.

A new Thorsten Overgaard exhibition will open in the Leica Gallery Salzburg on March 22. You may attend the reception with or without the seminar.

It is a combination of the Overgaard Photo Seminar and the Overgaard Advanced Workshop tailored to bring you up to an advanced level on using your camera equipment, setting up a workflow on your computer, editing and presenting images, and shooting different assignments.

Other locations: See the seminar calender


Use the button to check out via PayPal if you are sure, or send an e-mail to for further info, to reserve a space, or to require invoice payable via bank transfer. You may also enquire about changing date of seminar/join waiting list for a seminar for the chance that someone wants to change to the other date.


Thorsten Overgaard Photo Seminar & Advanced Workshop in SALZBURG

  Mail for info on the next workshop in Austria.

What to bring: The first evening you will bring the camera(s) you usually use and their lenses. We want to see as all the toys, so don't limit yourself. For the Friday shooting out we will select a minimum of equipment and wear comfortable walking shoes.
Sunday you will need a computer with Aperture or Lightroom installed (30 day trial is available) to set up a workflow, get your screen calibrated and edit the photos we did on Friday. Sunday will be a combined day where we go shoot and then finalize the seminar photos on the computers before we end off.

What to expect: You will meet likeminded people who want to improve their photography. 80%-100% will be Leica users, and if you are not, be prepared to become one. And if you are, be prepared to want more.
The seminar is very informal and hands-on and you will be able to ask all the questions you like as we will spend 30-40 hours together.

What we will deal with: People, citiscapes, street photography, portraits, how to handle people, timing, composition, your goal as a photographer, messages in photographs, your unique talents and skills, how to set up a workflow, what to look for when editing, color management, speed of work, white balance, exposure, reflectors, quality light, finding locations, how to present your photographs.

End result: You can expect to get a relaxed and simplified view on photography and realize that this is something you can perform well in, enjoy and produce much more than you used to. You will walk out from this seminar taller and more confident.

  "it has taken me a while to digest what I learned at the seminar. I have to say, you made me change my way taking pictures. Even weeks later I recall the one or other snippet of information. There was a lot for me to go through."  
  - H.C., Australia  

Thorsten explaining about small cameras at the seminar in Leica Gallery Tokyo in January 2011. Photo by Pieter Franken.

A four-day photo seminar

DAY 1 - 18.00 - 23.00: We start the first day at 18.00 and continue till around 23.00. The first evening is in our seminar location where we go over camera theory, photography history, the rather important basics to understand the essence of photography, and we usually have a lot of equipment and lenses floating around on the table. We will also look at your basic skills and talents, and your purpose as a photographer.

Keywords DAY 1: Questions and answers, lots of equipment, analyzing your career as a photographer, understanding cameras, ISO, aperture, white balance, camera history, lenses, light reflections, types of light, light temperature, natural photography, available light, light metering, light meters, lens design, shutter design ... and more.

One wouldn't be able to imagine all the equipment a handful of photographers can bring together... Photo by Pieter Franken.


"It's really changed my perception on photography and technique as a whole."

  - BL, Singapore  


DAY 2: 10.00 - 18.00: We go out as a group the next day. You have an overall assignment of producing three images to present to the group on DAY 3, but the style is relaxed and we simply take a eight hour walk with coffee braks, lunch and lots of talk.
We will be looking for different light conditions and also work with portraits this day - and use all the basic theory we went over the first evening. We we end off with dinner for those who can.

Keywords DAY 2: Inspiration. Questions and answers, hands-on, networking, equipment, White Balancing, light meters, reflectors, portrait photography, strangers and people, street photography, architecture, finding the right light, aesthetics, focusing, timing ... and lots of coffee.

Michael, Hans, Friedl and Oskar at work in the streets of Palermo. We walk around and work as a group.

We will be spending 30-40 hours together doing formal seminar, walking about, working on images, having coffee and lunch. Lots of things to talk about. Photo by Younes Kabbaj from the Hong Kong seminer.

  "Simple the best - I learnt a lot from you at the Photo Seminar. It was great to spend a lot of time with you and your experience. I am still deep impressed and it were very memorable days for me. I highly recommend anyone Thorsten's photo seminars.
Now it is time for my homework"
  - T.S., Zürich  

Doing portrait photography on location using available light. Photo by Gerhard Gruber.

DAY 3 - 10.00 - 18.00: We meet in the morning and start with workflow theory. How do you set up computers, harddrives, backup, color management, systems to archive and find images, and then we edit the photos from the day before in Lighrroom or Aperture.
We select the best and do reviews as a group, and after lunch we do portrait photography and advanced theory.

Keywords DAY 3: Reflectors, types of light, looking for the right light, finding a location for portrait photography, message, rhythm in images, what not to photograph, Lightroom editing, DAM/Digital Asset Management, backup, workflow, job numbers, photo archive, keywords.

Editing in the Overgaard Workshop.

  "Thanks so much for an inspiring weekend. I learned a lot, and it was a great group of people to spend the weekend with. I hope to see you again soon. "  
  - D.G., New York  

Sharron Franks
Student photo by Sharron Franks of two other students on the Overgaard Photo Seminar in London, September 2011. Leica M9 with 35mm Summarit-M f/2.5. See the gallery of student photos here.

  "Thank you again for the course. It was a great few days when I learnt a huge amount. I like your easy style. I’m now hoping to have enough money for a Leica M11"  
  - R.S., London  

DAY 4 - 10.00 - 18.00: This is the final day after we have done theory, photographed, reviewed our photographs. This day we are busy filling out holes we would like to work more with, refining techniques - and then we have to hurry back and edit the images so it's a wrap before we end off at 18.00.

Keywords DAY 4: Final assignment. Getting it all right. Finising every image and archiving. Publishing.

London workshop. Photo by Felix Kunze.


"Photography has become dear to my heart again. Hope we have still some time to spend together."

  - J., Spain  

Model photography in the Overgaard Workshop. Photo by Jeff Rovner.

Networking: The seminars tend to be new networks as we share the same passion in photography, and the participants usually have quite a lot more in common than just photography. Berlin 2011, photo by Malou Lasquite in the seminar space at Grolmanstraße in Berlin.


  "Thanks so much for all your instruction this past weekend. I really enjoyed meeting you and spending time understanding more of how you view things. I know there is a lot more to learn and hope we meet again."  
  - R.Y., Texas  

Matthias, Thomas and Chrostoph in Zürich, June 2011

The group of the Overgaard Workshop in Berlin.

  "It has been truly enlightening and a great joy for me to share those seminar days with you all! Many beautiful memories remain in the portait and especially the street photography departement ... and not last those personal talks we had about different styles of photography and Leica."  
  - M.F., Austria  



Hong Kong, December 2011.


"Picture Perfect" video about Danish feature writer and photographer Thorsten Overgaard for Channel Four. The video was done on The Faeroe Islands in 2008 during a week of photographing climate changes, when vice president Al Gore visited the islands. Thorsten Overgaard uses Leica Digilux 2 and Leica R9 to photograph.







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Reviews of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshops:


What People Say



User review of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshop:

"The Overgaard Photography Workshop is an investment that pays immediate dividends.

In four short days there was a marked swagger in my step. This may sound irrelevant to photography, but in my opinion it’s one of the unspoken tangibles that make professional photographers like Thorsten so damn good – their confidence is able to make them disappear in a sense, and put their subjects at ease.

The funny thing about this is that it wasn't something discussed during the workshop, it was something that I learned from observing Thorsten work. The way he moved without hesitation, the manner in which he sized up his subject, and got the shot and moved on. Quick, clean, and confident! For me, that was the most valuable part of the workshop – spending four days at the elbow of a professional photographer!

What an experience!

I came away excited, eager, and confident that I could produce the kind of photographs I've always envied!

Thank you to my friend Thorsten! Some time in the future, somewhere in the world, our paths will cross again!"

  - J. J. (New York)  



User review of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshops in Rome and Paris:

"Thank you for the Rome workshop.

The last days I spent with you in Rome I have done once before. So why do it again? Same type of workshop and with the same photographer.

Simply because I was so inspired by the first workshop two years ago, that I felt I would (and could) squeeze even more out of you a second time.

Of course some repetition was present on theory but two photo shootings are newer the same, and you always get new information there either wasn't presented the first time, or that you did not grasp at that time.

My overall goal taking part in the Rome Workshop was to focus much on the light, which I can transfer to future photo and television news stories that I produce.

And I got it!

The hands-on practice and advice from you benefits both experienced pro's like my self, as well as amateurs who wants to step up a level. So with my tired feet walking around hot Rome, I now will go back to work and let the experiences and inspiration go into my photography works.

You are newer too old, too experienced or (especially) too good to learn. Thank you for good company and learning experiences."

  - Morten Aalbek (Videographer of the year, Denmark)  



Review of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshop in Berlin:

"The Berlin Workshop is still resonating with me. It was truly a great experience, and was really nice to meet you and your family!"

  - T. S. (Canada)  



"I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for all of the inspiration you give to so many of us. Earlier this evening I participated in an art show. Now, I have to admit that there are few things more satisfying as an artist than knowing that someone is not only willing to pay for your photographs but display them in their home or office. Thank you for all you do."

  - L. T. (USA)  



User review of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshp:

"I diligently edit and process my images after every shoot as taught in your workshop and am always up to date with my images.

I have had your New Inspiration Course for a couple of days and have viewed all videos. I recently submitted a few images to a gallery in Portland for an exhibit.

I will continue to refine and work on the things you have talked about."

  - J. L. (Canada)  



"It was a wonderful time, so many wonderful lasting friendships developed in this workshops!"

  - R. W. (Austria)  



"Since we have met in the Overgaard Workshop Amsterdam I have been going wild making photos. Your approach really enabled me to make a steep change in making and processing photos. Many thanks for this!"

  - E. A. (Netherlands)  



"I’m more confidence in doing portraits after the workshop."

  - B. N. (UK)  



"The Berlin Workshop is still resonating with me. It was truly a great experience, and was really nice to meet you and your family!"

  - T. S. (Canada)  



Thorsten Overgaard Workshop Review:

"Thorsten, I appreciate the genuine way in which you continue to communicate with your students and admire your success in creating a community of enthusiasts around you.

"I was such a beginner when I did your workshop that it has taken me quite a while to incorporate what you taught us into my photographic life.

"I remember you are not a fan of spending hours on a photo, and nor am I – indeed one of the benefits of the workshop was to show how one could spend more time out and about with the camera".

  - M. B. (France)  



"Thank you again for sharing the basics of your craft with us in Milano! It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to find another opportunity to join one of your future classes in a different city soon!"

  - Y. M. (Switzerland)  



"Thanks a lot for a great workshop in Stockholm - it was f…… fun and inspiring."

  - G. M. (Denmark)  



Review of the Thorsten Overgaard Workshop in Paris:

"Thank you for the great days and your hospitality. Besides meeting you and the others and having a good time, the workshop inspired me a lot and I learnt lots of new things.

I took more photos than I usually take and was more courageous as well in shooting people. That was great! I'm really happy with the results and what I did".

  - B. K. (Sweden)  



"It was a good time in Paris, it really inspired me a lot. And good to get to know you."

  - B. N. (France)  




"Thanks for an inspiring workshop and nice company in a lovely city. It was really great getting together with you and be in the Leica-bubble for a few days. I liked the relaxed atmosphere and learning from you"

  - B. K. (Sweden)  



Review of the Thorsten Overgaard Workshop in Hong Kong:

"It was a great pleasure spending the past three days with you guys. It was a lot of fun walking around Hong Kong with our Leica. 

Thank you Thorsten for sharing your professional experience with us, it really changed my point of view on keeping data files. With the advancement of technologies, we must keep a set of data which can take the test of times. That's a very important message amongst others that I learned in the past three days.

In the meantime, always carry your camera and be ready for the next shot!"

  - B. L. (Hong Kong)  



"First of all my gratitude goes to Thorsten who wants to share his knowledge about (Leica) photography, answering to all our recurring questions.

His methodology is perhaps not what hardware-, software-, cloud-, ...companies want us to do but as a former IT engineer I can only acknowledge his views about preserving our digital "heritage".

Unfortunately the times of the shoe boxes with our 10x15cm photographs are gone (with or without the negatives). Some markings on the envelope and that was it. Some had photo albums for the major events. The advantage of the old system is that anyone could view your pictures without any specialised hardware. I have some 19th century negative glass plates and you can still see what's on it alas in negative.

Recently I found back some negatives my grandfather took in the first WW with his Kodak Vestpocket camera ... In a world full of digital wonders like smart phones we never take so much pictures as nowadays as a society. Most of these pictures are lost or will be lost shortly because of a new smart phone, hard disk crash, incompetence of the user. The chance your hard drive crashes is higher than of your home burns down.

The workflow explained is for me the best I have ever seen. The portrait session; we missed the model but Bengt did a great job. He has FB profile photos for the next 10 years...

Explaining how to observe the light... It was a pleasure to meet you all in this fantastic workshop in Amsterdam, hope we will keep in touch somehow."

  - E. B. (Netherlands)  



"Than you for an inspiring course in Stockholm, and thanks to your expansive personality and great camera knowledge, lightly conveyed.

The Lightroom Survival Kit will help me remember the intricacies of geting the raw file into a great picture."

  - E. B. (Sweden)  



Review of the Thorsten Overgaard Workshop in Vienna, Austria:

"I would like to say thank you for the workshop. It was a great experience of realizing my potential, capturing important hints and of course meeting you personally.

It was a pleasure for me to join you and the Leica fellows these summer days in Vienna."

  - A. P. (Russia)  



"I just wanted to write and say it was a very inspiring three days with you all - I learned a lot from everyone. It was a pleasure to meet you all and hope to see many more of your photos in the future.

Thank you for this Thorsten. It was a great use of three days and you really taught me a lot and inspired me very much, not only in photography but music and life. I look forward to when our paths cross again. All the best man."

  - E. Z. (Bosnia)  



Review of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshop in Rome, Italy:

"I enjoyed myself very much in the Rome Workshop. I learned a lot, and only now the full experience is sinking in.

Thank you. I am trying make the New York Monochrome Masterclass as well".

  - E. L. (Jerusalem, Israel)  



"This is just to let you know that I had a great time these last three days in Amsterdam. We had a good group and I liked the relaxed way in which you approach photagraphy. I picked up a number of valuable ideas and technical tricks. Thanks a lot!"

  - M. L. (Netherlands)  



"I take the opportunity to thank everybody for having the pleasure of sharing fantastic moments with you all."

  - A. S. (Netherlands)  



Review of the Thorsten Overgaard Workshop in Sydney, Australia:

"Thank you again for the great time in Sydney. It was (and I say this quite seriously) a life changing experience. I'm a lot more confident to take and show my photos now. You should be proud that you have obviously brought knowledge and confidence to so many people. I will see you again some time in the future for a refresher."

  - J. G. (Australia)  



Review of the Thorsten Overgaard Workshop in Malmo, Sweden:

"I was participant on your photo workshops in Malmo in 2011 and 2012. My abilities increased beyond imagination after that. Will you be offering a workshop only about portrait photography?"

  - C. B. (Malmo, Sweden)  



Review of the Thorsten Overgaard Workshop in Berlin, Germany:

"Meeting you was one of the most memorable things in my life!"

  - I. L. (USA)  



Review of the Thorsten Overgaard Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand:

"I'm one of the luckiest guys in the world who have chance to attend the Thorsten Overgaard workshop in Bangkok."

  - N. S. (Thailand)  



User review of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshop:

"I also wanted to express my gratitude again for the great workshop experience. As you know, I have been rediscovering my love of photography, and I feel that – beyond everything I learned about light, technique and software – I really took a giant step forward in "seeing" again, and in embracing the sheer fun of making photos.

I think your design of the workshop os right on the mark. The full day of ambling around, looking for the beautiful light, and taking (hopefully) great photos. I know it worked for me (since I was up at 3 AM trying to take pictures of the downtown skyline).

I feel energized about my photography, and am planning on getting much more involved with it over the coming months. I've been taking photos of fun things in the countryside on my way to work (I drive through about thirty miles of fields, dairies, falling-down buildings, old and rusting farm equipment and so on). I'm also learning more about both Lightroom and Media Pro.

So, thanks again for a great experience. I hope to take another of your workshops again."

  - B. S. (San Francisco)  



Review of the Thorsten Overgaard Workshop in Seoul, Korea:

"Dear Thorsten, I wish to thank you for wonderful days of photography. From the first day of theory to the last day of choosing our best, it was a wonderful experience that inspired me to take more pictures and share them with others.

I learned a great deal from your comments and also your showing how to improve the final picture through minor adjustments in Lightroom. Many of my friends have a heavy hand with Lightroom but you showed us how to adjust the camera so that minimal post processing was necessary to have a good final product.

I will always remember those four days as being very special. When you come to Seoul again, I plan to be there!

Again, thank you for a wonderful photo experience."

  - G. F. (Korea)  


Overgaard Workshop in Berlin
Overgaard Workshop in Berlin.



Thorsten von Overgaard Workshop Review Video



"I'll add my thanks to everyone for making this a thoroughly enjoyable workshop very atypical from those that I've taken in the past. 

Thorsten, the way you've mixed the practical (technical) and the craftsmanship of making a good image with arguably the best tools out there left me with very actionable take-aways.

Thank you for being a wonderful gracious host and hope our paths will cross again."

  - D. C. (USA)  



"If you want to feel more confident with photographing and editing your photos from DNGs to finished pictures and have fun while doing it, I can warmly recommend attending Thorsten’s workshop. Not only did he help me shoot with more confidence, but he also taught me his editing workflow. He has a pleasant way of instructing and he inspires his students to develop a style of their own."

  - P. V. (Monaco)  



"Thanks for pushing your students to use those extreme apertures more frequently. Fun stuff.
I hope you are well wherever you are."

  - B. P. (France)  



"It was a great pleasure spending the past three days with you guys. It was a lot of fun walking around Hong Kong with our Leica cameras.  

Let us share this passion and try to get together with each other and share our creations over coffee, lunch or dinner.  

Thank you Thorsten for sharing your professional experience with us, it really changed my point of view on keeping data files. With the advancement of technologies, we must keep a set of data which can take the test of times. That’s a very important message amongst others that I learned in the past three days.

In the meantime, always carry your camera and be ready for the next shot!  Let’s try to get together again!"

  - B. L. (Hong Kong)  



"I would like to say thank you for the workshop we recently had. It was a great experience of realising my potential, capturing important hints and of course meeting you personally. It was a pleasure for me to join you and the few Leica fellows these summer days in Vienna."

  - A. N. (Austria)  



"Thanks again for a fantastic workshop in Montreal. it was a highlight of my summer."

  - A. S. (USA)  



"Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed your seminar this past weekend in Havana. You were able to clear up most of my photography questions and give me a great deal of other things to think about in image capture and techniques.

I am still quite rusty on the Lightroom use and manipulation, but I suspect that will be secondary to capturing good images going forward. Confidence in color was the real treat of the weekend."

  - C. J. (USA)  



"It was a pleasure to work and play with all of you for the last few days.
A great experience I won't soon forget. Now I have 11 new friends from round the world.

Thank you to Thorsten for being so patient and working through the details of being an excellent Leica photographer … Searching out the light and introducing us to his efficient workflow processing procedure over the last four days.  

I will be approaching my photography in a much different light now, compared to my photography life prior to the course. Awesome!"

  - A. R. (USA)  



"Thank you for these great days. It has been super fun and educational. I enjoyed our conversations, and now when I've looked through your best pics, I feel humble and starting to realise that I have a lot to learn.

Thank you Thorsten for all support and I wish you both the best of luck with future endeavours.

Fun to meet so many other Leica users. I would love to keep in touch."

  - L. M. (Sweden)  



"Many thanks for a terrific workshop! Cannot tell you how much I enjoyed learning from you and with colleagues (and new friends) from around the world. I feel that my skills improved, and everyone learned in a very relaxed manner."

  - J. P. (USA)  



"What a magical three days!!! I greatly appreciated being with such a terrific, interesting and compatible group, and learning not only from Thorsten, but from each other."

  - M. M. (Germany)  



"I've had some time to reflect on the workshop and wanted to send you a note to say a big thank you for everything that you taught me over the four days!

It was fun, relaxed, informative and a really positive environment. Your collective enthusiasm is infectious and you've changed the way I look at the world. 

The three key things I took away from the workshop are:
1) love your gear,
2) keep it simple, and
3) just do it!

I now understand why people who attend one workshop are likely to do another one. I think attending a second workshop would be like listening to your favourite song with really good headphones - you get so much more out of it! I will definitely be back!

I can't recommend your workshop highly enough - if anyone is even considering it they should definitely do it (although, be prepared to want more Leica gear)!"

  - J. H. (Australia)  



"Enjoying my photography more than ever since the workshop. Love the monochrome Leica."

  - R. F. (UK)  



"Thanks again for the GREAT workshop experience.

It is going to take me awhile to return to (almost) normal after the last several days. I have photo and software details swirling around in my brain, and am trying to assimilate it all. I hope the three of you had a good trip this morning and that you have a wonderful time in Florida as well."

  - B. S. (USA)  



User review of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshop in Perth, Australia:

"I've had some time to reflect on the Perth Workshop and wanted to send you a note to say a big thank you for everything that you taught me over the four days.

It was fun, relaxed, informative and a really positive environment. You and Joy complimented each other perfectly, your collective enthusiasm is infectious and you've changed the way I look at the world.

I now understand why people who attend one workshop are likely to do another one. I think attending a second workshop would be like listening to your favourite song with really good headphones - you get so much more out of it! I will definitely be back!

I can't recommend your workshop highly enough - if anyone is even considering it they should definitely do it (although; be prepared to want more Leica gear)!

Since finishing the workshop I've bought a light meter and ordered a WhiBal card and a Rock'n'Roll camera strap from Tie Her Up. I've downloaded the workshop notes and saved them to my iPad for holiday reading and will get a new Apple laptop and some hard drives in the new year, start going through all my photos and set up the workflow you taught us.

Most importantly, I'm now carrying the Leica X Vario with me more often!

Until we meet again, keep having fun and spreading the love!"

  - J. H. (Australia)  



"I’ve been several days thinking about the workshop we attended, and I’m still thinking about it!

Thorsten's job was very professional and complete. And the style he suggested fitted exactly with my way of thinking photography: search for the light, then search for the subject. The use of Leica lenses wide open (with the help of ND filters) - terrific!

My photographs really explode in my computer. Thank you Thorsten, those four days wil be unforgetable to me."

  - A. B. (Argentina)  



"Three pleasant days have changed forever, years of strong image production.

Congratualtion to Thorsten who could immediately create a team spirit maintain everybody's 3 days 110 % focus on improving ."

  - M. J. (USA)  



"I had a great time also. Since I only bought my first Leica about 3 months ago, I know I have a lot to learn, and I really feel I have a superb jump start with all of you help. Thanks Thorsten and everyone else. Please let's stay in touch."

  - S. G. (USA)  



"Thorsten, thanks for another great experience. I look forward to one in Toronto or Montreal!"

  - J. H. (London)  



User review of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshop:

"Thanks again for the GREAT workshop experience!

It is going to take me a while to return to (almost) normal after the last several days. I have photo and software details swirling around in my brain, and I am trying to assimilate it all."

  - B. S. (USA)  



"I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for a really fantastic workshop and the time spent together. This weekend will always be very well remembered!"

  - S. M. (Germany)  



User review of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshop in Hong Kong:

"Thanks again for an amazing experience. Definitely keen to do another workshop with you both in the near future to hone my skills. Thanks again for everything."

  - G. C. (Hong Kong)  



Review of the Thorsten Overgaard Workshop in London:

"I was in a flat spot with my picture making, I was reading your blog which I follow with great interest. Your blog said 'wear your camera and get out and do something'.

Well, after a bit of thought, I went out and put on an exhibition of 80 pictures in our local library exhibition room. This turned out to be very successful with photographic societies and others visiting the exhibition.

Thank you for having inspired me!"

  - R. D. (UK)  



"Now, ten days after of our workshop I am feeling even much more grateful to your three days of relaxed lessons. I have been shooting every day and I can notice your legacy more present in my photos.

I have been changing all my image workflow and now it is simpler, faster and with much better final results. Many thanks and congratulation! Your teaching system keep people improving, it doesn't finish when at workshop ends."

  - M. J. (France)  



"Thank you Thorsten. I'll try and get at least one image everyday. "

  - D. P. (USA)  



Thorsten von Overgaard Workshop Review:

"Towards the end of the year, I purchased a Leica camera and Leica 35mm lens; I did not know how much this little black box was about to shape all of the next year for me.

I attended a workshop in London with Danish photographer Thorsten Overgaard. It was, not only, an incredibly informative few days but also tons of fun and I met some wonderful people. The encouragement I got from Thorsten and everyone else gave me an incredible boost to get started. In fact I loved the workshop so much I immediately enrolled for the next one, which turned out to be even better.

I found Thorsten's straightforward approach to both using the camera and towards editing extremely refreshing, but it was the way he taught me how to look for light that, honestly, changed the way I view the world.

I see differently now and because of that I also think differently. I've started to compose and record music in a way that is much clearer and for the first time in my career true to how I want to hear it.

  - B. G. (Music Composer & Producer London)  



User review of the Thorsten von Overgaard Workshop in Sydney, Australia:

"First of all I would like to thank you for some very educational and inspirational days in Sydney. I feel that I've grown a lot as a photographer, not only through what you taught us, but also by just observing how you move and interact with subjects on the street. And your "All you need is love" approach to photography is the best advise I've ever received as a photographer.

I'm still aiming for my "less is more" approach to photography. If something doesn't add to the story you’re trying to tell then try to crop it out (preferably in camera) or wait for the right moment when there are no distractions. I just had another look at your website and one of my favorite photos is of the Sikh reading a book shot with the 80mm Summilux-R. There must be hundreds of people in that photo but they all add to the story and therefore not a single one should be cropped. Very inspiring indeed!

Hope to see you again in the future, in Australia or somewhere else around the world. All the best."

  - H. H. (Sydney)  





As always, feel free to e-mail questions or comments to me at

- Thorsten Overgaard





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