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The Thorsten von Overgaard Gallery Store - eBook: "The Freedom of Photographic Expression"
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Thorsten von Overgaard Gallery Store: "The Freedom of Photographic Expression" eBook


For beginners and experienced. This book covers the technical side of photography from beginners level to semi-pro, as well as my philosophy on photographing.  


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Thorsten Overgaard:
"The Freedom of
Photographic Expression"

Release data: October 2016

268 pages.


Thorsten Overgaard tell more about this eBook:


"Really enjoy your writing and teaching"
D. K. (USA)

"I love your insights on photography."
D.B. (USA)

"I've bought the new book - made a start reading it - it is really interesting.
I know it’s basic at the beginning but it isn't written in a patronizing way. I have been taking photographs for many years and have been lucky enough to be paid to take them for the last seven years; but it's always good to be taken back to the start"
P. S. (UK)

        Item #1549

Table of Contents:



Introduction 7 · Power of Simplicity 9 · Making a picture 14
Seeing the world with a frame around it 26 · Recording Light 33
A Camera for the People 39 · Film 44  · Different Types of Film 49
Polaroid 52 · Digital 53 · Quality in Digital Photography 62
The Eye 68 · Training The Eye 74 · Minutes of the day 76 · Talent 81
Amount of Light 86 · Multi-Field Automated Light Metering 92
Spot Metering 96 · Center-Weighted Light Metering 104
iPhone 110 · 70% Works 113 · The Wheel 116 ·  Too Much Light 128
External Light Meter 132 · Flash meter 142
Radio-triggered light meters 143 · Light meters with spot meter 145
iPhone light meter 147 · Which incident light meter to get? 149
Correct Light 153 · Controlling Light 157 · Exposure Time 159
Using Shutter Time to Control Light 165 · ISO Sensitivity 173
Film grain and noise 179  · Improving the colors and tonality 181
RAW images 183 · Aperture 185
Depth of Field 189 · Bokeh 194 · Aperture Blades 199
F-stop and aperture numbers 201 · Seeing with a new tool 204
Quality of Light 223 · Studio flashes 226 · Continuous Light 226
Available light 220 · Reflectors 220 · Colors of Light 231
Color filters 232 · The Kelvin Scale 234
Manual White Balance 235 · Mixed light sources 236
Take a break and learn to see 240 · Light – The Music of the Eye 255
Light as a concert hall 257 · Look for nice light as the first thing 259 

Workshops 264 · Extension Courses 265 · Books 266 · Meetups 267
Thorsten Overgaard 268


The Thorsten Overgaard New Extension Course 2016

The Thorsten Overgaard New Extension Course 2016
This replaces my 2010 extension course that was on waiting list for a couplel of years. Redesigned from 120 pages to 330 pages it's a treat to work with.

This is the right course for anybody to start with, especially if you are about to get a new camera or just got one.
More info

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Thorsten Overgaard
Thorsten von Overgaard is a Danish writer and photographer, specializing in portrait photography and documentary photography, known for writings about photography and as an educator. Some photos are available as signed editions via galleries or online. For specific photography needs, contact Thorsten Overgaard via e-mail.

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advice, ideas or improvements.


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