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Learning Photography One-on-One with Thorsten von Overgaard
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Learning Photography One-on-One with Thorsten von Overgaard

Personal tutoring with Thorsten Overgaard


  "My goal is to instill enthusiasm in any photographer and raise his or her skill level, self-confidence and production volume. And I do."

"10 Hours with
Thorsten Ovegaard"

You can now again buy "10 Hours with Thorsten Overgaard" for personal tutoring in person, on Skype/Zoom or phone, working on the photography projects closest to your hearth.

The range of possibilities are one-on-one in the city with the camera, working in the printing studio in Clearwater, with a combination of online project calls on workflow, editing, building a portfolio, making of books and exhibitions.

Feel free to email Adam for details and questions, or simply acquire the hours you need below and start planning your project with Thorsten Overgaard directly.

10 Hours with Thorsten $7,000
One-on-one in the city $5,000 (10am-5pm)
3 hours with Thorsten $2,400
1 Hour with Thorsten  $800


"Ten hours with Thorsten"


tutoring classes

Acquire from 1 to 10 hours here:

Acquire one-on-one

Please e-mail
for more info.





Photographed by Thorsten Overgaard: Sometimes the one-on-one is combined with photographing your family or your company.



How it goes: Thorsten plans the program based on initial talks/mails about what you need and want to go over. He will plan it out so you get to get around the things that he see is necessary to get you where you want to be at.

Feel free to email Adam for questions and more info.

Where it is done: One-on-one is often in New York City but can be anywhere in the world where our roads crosses, or where you want to fly Thorsten Overgaard to meet.

In the studio in Clearwater FL: Working with Thorsten out of the studio in Clearwater FL gives the possibility to work with printng and the facilities in his own space, and to work on-and-off hours over some days in studio and walking the cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg nearby (while you and the family enjoy the best beaches in the US).

Editing photos. Photo by Niklas Back.
Editing in Silicon Valley.

Editing in New York. Photo by Federico Quintana
Editing in New York

New York one-on-one

New York one-on-one

New York one-on-one

Manila one-on-one

Qatar one-on-one

New York one-on-one

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