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Thorsten Overgaard  
Thorsten Overgaard

Dear editor, journalist, marketing chief, PR-chief, communicaions chief, event-manager, publicist, future bride, architect, executive director and royal highness'es!

When my aunt at a recent 70th year birthday party presented me to the other guests as the Royal Photographer I thought, "Wow, that's perhaps a bit lofty" because no one in need of an ordinary photograph for PR use or for a magazine article dare calling the Royal Photographer!

Because, after all, ordinary photographs are what I make a living of shooting. So please look over this page for inspiration and don't hesitate to ask when, how and how much!

Call, mail or Facebook me – I'll be more than happy to provide ideas and price quotes.


How to book Thorsten Overgaard for photography

I travel all over the world photographing people and atmosphere, judging photo compeitions, teaching workshops and one-on-one. I travel to about 20+ countries a year so chances I come to a place nearby the subjects you needs to get photographed in my style are quite good.

The best way to book me
Look at my calendar here to see where about I am in the world. I have many clients who use me when they can see that I will be in a certain area in the future, and often I plan my workshops and travel so that they align with where I am going for assignments in the future. Feel free to send me an e-mail at thorsten@overgaard.dk for inquiries.

I'm never more than a flight away.
I am currently in:

Gavin Bellour

Portrait photography and life style portrait photography

Hans Blix
Jan Hansen

Business portraits and people

Business paper
Quality control
Market garden

A portrait photo is about capturing the soul or personality, which is why getting a portrait taken should feel like the most natural thing to do - even the result might be extraordinary. Just be your self, and that's why the rools are simple and the instructions natural. I do portrait photography for home pages, magazines, PR, framing, Facebook, etc. Usually I do a series of simple photos as well as more advanced so there's a selection to choose from for different usages. You get the portraits in digital format for print and web, and I can deliver print for archive and/or framing as well.
Send an e-mail for prices, suggestions, ideas, packages and possibilities

Architecture, atmosphere and interior photography

Kontormiljø   Villa   Chefkontor   Køkkendesign
Office atmosphere
CEO's office
Kitchen design
    Holst, advokater
Aarhus Teater
Holst Law
Trykkeri   Villa   Møkken-interiør   Fabrikshal
Printing facility
Kitchen interior

Every month I produce 6-10 pages of magazine articles on architecture and have an extensive production of architecture, corporate atmoshpere, interior design, etc. throughout the year. A series of photos from your company make great material for the art director to make a great website, brochure or magazine though few companies have had them done before the met me - because you mostly think in specific photos and not all the photo opportunities I can capture while walking around for some hours.
Send an e-mail for prices, suggestions, ideas, packages and possibilities

Conferences around the world

The Africa Commission
Video documentary
    Ellen Margrethe Løj
UN Secretary General
MP Christine Antorini
Tim Rasshirt

In covering events, conferences and meeting I capture atmosphere, official pictures and press photos so there's a good archive to choose from. I usually work all over the place without getting in anybodys way and without the audience really noticing me.
Send an e-mail for prices, suggestions, ideas, packages and possibilities
For an example of slideshow use, see this Rhetor's konference I did for them as part of the package.

Music & Culture

The future is created by artists and inventors who dream the future we will all live in. So I take special care for musicians, actors and artists of all kind.

Jørgen Leth
The Old City
Kelly Preston
Juliette & The Licks
CD-cover for Ole Boskov
George Michael
Neil Young
Danger Mouse


Fashion & Beauty

By Marlene Birger
Gentlemen's Affair
Day Birger et Mikkelsen
Gentlemen's Affair

Features, Human Condition & Documentary

Juliette Lewis
World's largest book fair
Grass roofs
Juliette Lewis

One of my specialities are exclusive features - stories and photos that stand out in any media and which no one else has. For example the story of grass roofs or 48 hours backstage with Juliette Lewis. Send an e-mail for prices, suggestions, ideas, packages and possibilities

Picture archive and documentary

DANIDA water supply
Water pumps
Festival life
Fashion Week
Daily life
Technical School
Drug information

For the UN and DANIDA and Scientology Volunteer Ministerst I've photographed water supply, AIDS, human rights, equal rights, relief work etc. But any kind of documentary/archive can be done anywhere in the world. I also have a huge picture library where one can always find pictures to fit any subject, story, article, etc. Send an e-mail for prices, suggestions, ideas, packages and possibilities

Interviews and editorial photography

JP Business
Aalborg Stiftstidende
The Entrepreneur
Microsoft Update

I've done a great deal of interviews for magazines, webpages, newspapers and client magazines where my strengt is that I'm one person who can get both the story and picture. And one person is less expensive to send than the usual two (the jounralist and the photographer). But also, story and picture does go better hand in hand when done by the same mind.

Event photography

Hotel D'Angleterre
European Film Awards
European Film Awards
Odd Molly
Odd Molly
Odd Molly World Premiere

I cover Fashion Weeks, music festivals and the like, but also more 'private' events, seminars, speeches, award shows, parties, fashion shows, grand openings, receptions, product launching, etc. I do both atmosphere, details about what and who was there (as a memory card for the event makers), official press photos, gift photos, etc.
If the event is of broader interest, I can help with getting the official press photos onto the wire services such as Associated Press, WireImage, Getty Images, Polfoto, etc. which is where the media usually go look for pictures for their coverage.
Send an e-mail for prices, suggestions, ideas, packages and possibilities

Wedding photography, confirmations and family photos

Bryllupsfotografering   Familiefoto  
Family Photo
Atmosphere from family event
Wedding atmosphere
Confirmation atmosphere
Confirmation portrait
Red Carpet

My wedding pictures usually are less official portrait photos as well as atmosphere photos of the event. I don't use flash and I don't use big noisy cameras. I would love to do a "red carpet" arrival at a wedding where I set up proper lamps and shoot all the couples in high quality so they can enjoy their dress, hair, jewrely, shoes, ec on the prints you send out after the wedding!
Photos of children I usually do in your home, the kitchen or a park - I don't believe kids belong in a studio.

Send an e-mail for prices, suggestions, ideas, packages and possibilities

Royal & Celebrity

President Bill Clinton
Prinsess Mary
Prince Joachim & Princess Marie
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
Crown Prince
Angela Merkel
Anne Archer

Many of my photos are of royal and celebrity, whom I photograph for Associated Press, Getty Images, WireImage, LIFE, etc. My pictures can be acquired through:

Associated Press   Getty Images   WireImage.com   LIFE

One-on-One education

Photo seminar
Camera training

Apart from the photo seminars I do in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Berlin, Carribean, London, New York and Los Angeles, I also offer one-on-one education and training in photography, modelling, archiving of photos, color management, etc. I can travel to your place, or you or a team can come and stay in Denmark for a week or two. As a new thing in 2010 you can also attend the Overgaard Photography Extension Course.
Send an e-mail for prices, suggestions, ideas, packages and possibilities

The Thorsten Overgaard Photography Extension Course 2010

Photo Seminar

Video & stills

Interview with Hans Blix for CNN
Ted Sorensen
  Emma Brumpton  
Bill Clinton commentary for Sky
Travel feature
Tony Curtis for Fox
See a video on grass roofs from Faeroe Islands on National Georgaphic here
In covering many events I work with London-based video producer Emma Brumpton, so that we can produce stills, articles, video features, web television, DVD's, etc. As we both work with the Associated Press, we often produce news broadcasts, news articles, etc which may appear on CNN, Sky, ABC, etc. og features that may appear on National Geographics. Send an e-mail for prices, suggestions, ideas, packages and possibilities

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