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The Thorsten Overgaard "Capture One Pro Survival Kit"
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Capture One Survival Kit by Thorsten von Overgaard for Leica and digital photographer

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The Capture One Survial Kit is in preparation and is set for release on November 15. You can buy now with 50% discount.

100% satisfaction or money back.



"Thorsten's methodology is perhaps not what hardware-, software- and cloud-companies want us to do, but as a former IT engineer I can only acknowledge his views about preserving our digital heritage.

The workflow explained is for me the best I have ever seen."

  - E. B. (Netherlands)  



Is this for you?

It's for anyone who have little or no experience with Capture One Pro - and those who have enough to know they don't know what's the up and down on a workflow.

The Capture One Pro Survival Kit also deals with how to move from Adobe Lightroom to Capture One with your files.

It's specifically made for digital photographers and Leica photographers.

The aim of the Capture One Survival Kit is to give you the overview and necessary tools, as well as a way to handle editing so that you can produce the image quality you require in Capture One, without having to know everything about the software.

What is Capture One?

It's "the other than Lightroom editing tool" that was made by Phase One in Copenhagen for professional medium format photographers to get fast, accurate workflow and premium quality.

Since it's been made useful for all photographers, using Sony, Leica, Fuji, Nikon, Canon and so on.

It's maintained a very fast workflow, and extremely high quality in reading and working with the raw files from the camera.

It has a lot of features for photographers working in studio, exporting directly into Capture One, so an inportant part of my Capture One Survival Kit is to cut staight to the things you need and not get confused by all the endless possibilities.

You can download a 30 day trils of Capture One here.




200+ page eBook making workflow and editing simple

Covers Capture One for digital photgoraphers and Leica photographers

This is a tool to make Capture One Pro acessible, easy to use and work for you. How to get results, work fast and stay organized.

One oif the things people experience in using Capture One for the first time (especially coming from Lightroom) is that it looks confusing.

One of the most valuable tools in my new Capture One Survival Kit is the one about which things to disregard, pointing out the few things you have to use – and then how to use them the best.

You will see the simplicity, speed of workflow and improved wuality after having used Capture One just a few hours.

The Capture One Survival Kit comes with checklists for setting up, exporting, transfering pictures from Lightroom to Capture One and more. Just like a captain on an airplane getting ready for flight, you get a pre-flight checklist for important things. Easy to find and easy to use.

DAM Digital Asset Management for Photographers
What is a workflow and how to make it simple and professional.

Hardware setup
How to calibrate screens and printers and what it's all about.

Hard drives and archives
How to set up a proper workflow that saves time, makes files easy to findthings and keeps you happy.
How to work in the field or on location.

Media Pro tutorial
Includes a complete toturial on how to manage your archive in Meda Pro 1.

Photoshop tutorial
What it is and how to avoid using Photoshop when you don't need it. But also how to use it if you must! How to fix colors, white balance, create sparkling life in images and prepare for print and web.

What is Copyright?
What every photographer should know about copyright and social meda.

And moore ...



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Capture One Pro Survival Kit by Thorsten von Overgaard


The right setup
Getting the right settings in Capture One so it works right.

Simplifying work
Importing images, selecting and a walk-through of the actual tools you need to use - and how to use them.

White Balance and colors
A new improved and expanded section about getting the right White Balance and colors.

Black & white editing
making "final images"
What to export, and how - and to where.


What to keyword, and how.

Backup and Cloud Services
How to make sure you have backup and how to make it simple and effective.

DAM/Digital Asset Management
What it is and how it works for you - and why you actually do need it.
Using keywords, job numbers, color codes, stars and all.

Screens, external panels, iPad, hardware calibration and more.





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Thorsten Overgaard

Thorsten von Overgaard by Ray Kachatorian
Thorsten von Overgaard by Ray Kachatorian

Thorsten von Overgaard is a Danish writer and photographer, specializing in portrait photography and documentary photography, known for writings about photography and as an educator. Some photos are available as signed editions via galleries or online. For specific photography needs, contact Thorsten Overgaard via e-mail.

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