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The Thorsten Overgaard Lightroom Survival Kit
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The Thorsten Overgaard Lightroom Survival Kit


What people say:

"I am only pages into the course, I am VERY excited about it! There are many years of digital experience in the first 10 pages - years that I can bypass! Having a clear understanding of color space and color profile is fantastic."

"Just want to say a big thank you for this providing this course. Really informative and easy to follow."

"I’m very impressed how you get to the bones of what’s needed and useful and not fill it up with useless fluff!"

"I really enjoyed the insight as to how you get images to ‘sparkle’ as you say…being a designer and using photoshop on a daily basis, I know and appreciate how much experience you are sharing here. These kind of things can take years to work out…it’ll take me a fair while to master but I’m already trying my hand at a few photographs. I want to emulate the look that you get with your images…they are as perfect as I’ve ever seen."

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Is this for you?

It's for anyone who have little or no experience with Lightroom - or those who have enough to know they don't know what's the up and down on a workflow.

The aim of the Lightroom Survival Kit is to give you the overview and necessary tools, as well as a way to handle editing so that you can produce the image quality you require in Lightroom, without having to know everything about the software.

The Lightroom Survival Kit gives you the necessary setup for a secure and efficient workflow when you empty your images onto the computer.

How do I arrange my photos?, should I use previews?, how about keywords?, is there some tool I missed?, which tools does others use?, how do I convert to black & white so it looks good?, what color space should I choose?, how do I use the rating system? ... and many other questions will be answered.

The Lightroom Survival Kit is not a "know-all-about-the-software" and all the features of Lightrooms. It's for photographers who wants photographic results using Lightroom.



75 pages making workflow and editing simple

How to get results, work fast and stay organized:

Hardware setup
How to calibrate screens and printers and what it's all about (simple!).

Harddrives and archives
How to set up a proper workflow that saves time, makes files easy to findthings and keeps you happy.
How to work in the field or on location.

Lightroom setup
Getting the right settings in Lightroom so it works right. Understanding where what is.

Real-time editing in Lightroom
Importing images, selecting and a walk-through of the actual tools you need to use - and how to use them.

Making "final images"
What to export, and how - and to where.

DAM/Digital Asset Management
What it is and how it works for you - and why you actually do need it.
Using keywords, job numbers, color codes, stars and all.

What it is and how to avoid it. But also how to use it if you must!
How to fix colors, create sparkling life in images, prepare for print and web.




Video tutorials

Video tutorial sample (free)
The Lightroom Survival Kit now includes new video tutorials that are updated and expanded in the future.

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or you can send an e-mail to to enroll via invoice and bank transfer/checque.
You will receive your first materials in a few days.

What you need:

A computer and internet access to downloading trial versions of Lightroom, Media Pro and Photoshop.

When do you start:

Few hours after you sign up you will recieve link to theLightroom Survival Kit is along with sample photos, Lighroom profiles and Photosjop actions.

You may start anytime and work as fast or slow as you want.


Keywords: Lightroom, Aperture, Media Pro, Adobe Photoshop, shortcuts, metadata, IPTC, XML, Gamma, Kelvin, sRGB, Adobe 1998 RGB, RAW, DNG, JPG, Eizo, screen calibration, printer calibration, printing photos on inkjet printers, white balance, editing, selecting images, presenting images, web resolution, archiving, Digital Asset Management (DAM), painting with light, backup, harddrives, cardreaders



Thorsten Overgaard

Thorsten Overgaard by Oskar Schmidt
Photo by Oskar Schmidt

Thorsten Overgaard works as photographer, feature writer and teacher. He is the only Danish photographer who works for the worlds largest celebrity picture agency, and also photograph for Getty Images, Associated Press, Jyllands-Posten, Samvirke, TDC and Microsoft.
His work has been published in Vogue, Glamour, Variety, New York Sun, O Donna, Hollywood Life, Euroman, Times and on E!, CNN, MTV and more.

His hearth lies with Leica cameras and traditional color photography on slide film, scanned on the best scanners available. But today's workflow requires use of digital equipment on most assignments.

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