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The Overgaard Advanced Photography Workshop
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The Overgaard ADVANCED Photography Workshop

"The Overgaard ADVANCED Photography Workshop"

By: Thorsten Overgaard

Often the last comments after a seminar of mine is "Let's do this again next year" ... and so this is how we do it:

This is the seminar for those Leica photographers and others who want to take it to the next step after having completed the Overgaard Photo Seminar or the Overgaard Photography Extension Course

On the Overgaard Photo Seminar we spend one full day of shooting, and on the ADVANCED workshop we spend three days of shooting and editing.

  Working with models
  Hong Kong seminar editing their shots

Each day we focus on new assignments. The actual assignments will differ depending on locations available but will challenge you and teach you new techniques and better control of camera and light by guided hands-on assignemnts. Some of the subjects we may indulge in will be "Timing in portraitture", "Making available light the best light", "Finding the exact right light", "Working with models and people", "Shooting strangers - and they like it!", "Using reflectors for portraits", "Shooting with film lights" ... and more.

Photo by Alan Mathieson from Australia on the Los Angeles Advanced Workshop in July 2011


"The set-up you provided was great. Taking pictures of models was new to me and gave me a lot of certaintiy that I can reach results with taking pictures of people as I envision them to be. I have made steady and tangible progress in photography above my expectations thanks to your seminars."

  - M.J., Hamburg  


Anything you want to learn - you just ask! Basic subjects such as focusing with a rangefinder, using DOF, white  balanca and light metering will be basic in all assignments.

As always, the seminar will include visits to interesting locations, some model photography, the best coffee bars and ever exiting cafés/restaurants, with an interesting crowd of likeminded people dedicated to photography.


Model photo by Christophe Prieels, Turkey on the Advanced Workshop in August 2011.


Adrian Hawkmoon working with a model in a very low light setup, Palermo, May 2011.


Michael, Hans, Friedl and Oskar at work in the streets of Palermo. We walk around and work as a group.


See the Overgaard Seminar Calendar.


Photo by Maja Mazurkiewicz, Denmark on the Advanced Workshop in August 2011.


Adrian Hawkmoon
From the Berlin seminar February 2011, photo by Adrian Hawkmoon using Leica M9.


Lightroom Survival Course Berlin


Other tutoring possibilities: Look at the page Learning With Thorsten Overgaard to read more about photo seminars, personal one-on-one tutoring, extension courses and workflow seminars.


Tue Juelsbo photographed by Gerhard Gruber.


Working with reflectors in low afternoon light, Palermo, May 2011







As always, feel free to e-mail questions or comments to me at

- Thorsten Overgaard, March 2011


    The Thorsten Overgaard Photography Extension Course 2010



Photo above: February 2011 seminar in Berlin. Photo by Tue Juelsbo with Leica R9/DMR with Leica 35-70mm Vario-Elmarit-R f/2.8.


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Thorsten Overgaard
Thorsten von Overgaard is a Danish writer and photographer, specializing in portrait photography and documentary photography, known for writings about photography and as an educator. Some photos are available as signed editions via galleries or online. For specific photography needs, contact Thorsten Overgaard via e-mail.

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