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"Experience the Magic of Fashion"

By: Thorsten Overgaard


We're preparing for a coverage like never before of the Copenhagen Fashion Week on February 2-4, 2011. Stay tuned for the newsletters to follow in the coming weeks and months. Stills and videos from talents from all over the world.

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Also read the previous newsletter "The February Issue" for more on this.

Three photographers and a video guy

Birgit Krippner
New Zealand/New York
  Tue Juelsbo
  Thorsten Overgaard
Aarhus, Denmark
Birgit Krippner   Tue Juelsbo   Thorsten Overgaard
Birgit Krippner, an Austrian photographer based in New Zealand/New York. Will add her special viewpoint to the fashion week, as she has done to major cities and presented in a number of exhibitions throughout the last year.  Shoots Leica M9.   Tue Juelsbo, a Danish writer and photographer who has worked the fashion week for a few years. And a fashionista with an liking for slow fashion.   Thorsten Overgaard, a Danish feature writer and photographer who has covered the fashion week for some years for Getty Images and WireImage. A time traveller on Planet Earth. Shoots Leica M9, Leica R9 DMR and Leica S2.
Morten Bo Johansson
Aarhus, Denmark
  Leica Denmark   Leica Camera AG
Morten Bo Johansson   Leica Hermés Edition M7   Oscar Barnack
Morten Bo Johansson, a Danish videographer and photographer who started working the fashion week last year. Shoots Canon 5DII with Leica, Zeiss and Canon glass.   Leica Denmark have kindly lend any and all equipment to fill the gaps in covering the Copenhagen Fashion Week.   Leica is not part of the project, yet they are always present. Everybody shoots some Leica, either the Leica M9, Leica M6, Leica S2, Leica R9/DMR or uses Leica R lenses for the video.


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"Experience the Magic of Fashion" - Video: Preparing for the Copenhagen Fashion Week
"good night, and good luck" - Backstage the Henrik Vibskov fashion show
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"Shooting fashion in London" - Taking the Leica S2 out for a swing in London
"Adidas Originals at Copenhagen Fashion Week"
- Covering four days of "City Takeover"
"Backstage Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011"
- Silas Adler of Soulland


–  Thorsten Overgaard, January 19, 2011




    The New Thorsten Overgaard Photography Extension Course

We made this teaser made especially for you: Danish videographer Morten Bo Johansson will cover the video part of the Copenhagen Fashion Week in February 2-4, 2011, together with a group of Leica still photographers.





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