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The Story Behind That Picture - 69
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The story behind that picture:
"Thorsten Overgaard Vernissage at Leica Galerie Salzburg"

By: Thorsten Overgaard    (Danish version)


(Vernissage = A private viewing of paintings before public exhibition, referring to the day prior to an exhibition when artists were allowed to retouch and varnish hung work).

A week ago, Thursday March 22, the vernissage of my exhibition "We the People" took place in the Leica Galerie Salzburg with a packed house. Quite a few former photo seminar students were present (with cameras - always wear a camera!), and took pictures. And a new group of nine seminar students worked hard in and around Salzburg in the days after the vernissage. What would be more appropriate then letting the images from the photographers speak for themself.

So here is a photo reportage from Matthias Frei, Adrian Hawkmoon, Pierre Pallez, Roswitha Wesiak, Simon Phillip and Malou Lasquite, plus photos from seminar participants Felix Reichert, Peter Hellekalek, Sabine Kohlerand Andrea Unterberger


The Leica Galerie Salzburg photographed by Matthias Frei.

Karin Kaufmann and Thorsten Overgaard welcoming the invited guests. Photo by Pierre Pallez

Singer-songwriter Catherine Kubillus' portrait is at the exhibition and she performed her new single Boy for the invited guests. Photo by Adrian Hawkmoon with leica M9 and 35mm Summilux-M Aspherical.

Ernst Schlogelhofer and Thorsten Overgaard, photo by Matthias Frei.

Professor Peter Hellekalek, Hermann J Netz and Thorsten Overgaard photographed by Adrian Hawkmoon.

Guest looking at the photographs. Photo by professor Peter Hellekalek.

Guests at the vernissage. The large image over the fireplace is "The Couple" taken inside the Paris Bar in Berlin (the wife holding a knife aginst her husband. Photo by Matthias Frei.

Thorsten Overgaard explaining a guest about the photographs. Photo by Pierre Pallez.

Guests mingling at the vernissage. Photo by Matthias Frei using Leica M9 and 50mm Summilux-M ASPH f/1.4.
Hartmut Hennige of I-SHOT-IT.COM photo competition photographed by Roswitha Wesiak.

Photo by Matthias Frei

Photographed by Roswitha Wesiak.

Some of the future Leica photographers captured by by Roswitha Wesiak. One of them is already blogging and editing it appears ...

Ms Kaufmann and Franz Horinek in front of the large "Make Up". photographed by Roswitha Wesiak.

Thorsten Overgaard and Karin Kaufmann photographed by Matthias Frei. Thorsten is featuring a Louis Vuitton photographers bag.

Singer-songwriter Catherine Kubillus posting for professor Peter Hellekalek in front of "The Dior Lady" large limited print at the Leica Galerie Salzburg.

Portrait of Catherine Kubillus at the exhibition. Photo by Matthias Frei.

Malou Lasquite wearing a dress straight from Prada’s 2010 spring/summer runway collectionwith a large black and white beach photograph for the vernissage. Photo by Pierre Pallez. Around her neck, a silver Leica M9-P.

The mayor of Salzburg with Karin Kaufmann. Photo by Thorsten Overgaard.

Guests, including Leica's Chairman of the Supervisory Board and owner Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, mingle at the Leica Galerie Salzburg. Photo by Malou Lasquite on her blog

Thorsten Overgaard welcoming the guests of the vernissage. Photo by Simon Phillips.

Thorsten Overgaard being interview by Austrian television. Photo by Felix Reichert with Leica M9 and Leica 50mm Summicron-M f/2.0

Catherine Kubillus performing her single Boy. Photo by Pierre Pallez using Leica M9 with 50mm Summicron-M f/2.0 (II).

Thorsten Overgaard and Matthias Frei photographed by Adrian Hawkmoon.

Editing at the photo seminar in Salzburg

Andrea and Lisa out and about photographing in Salzburg during the Overgaard Photo Seminar. Photo by Laura Kochsiek using Leica D-Lux 3.

Ms Frei from Zurich featureing a brand new Fuli X100 Limited Edition. Photo by Thorsten Overgaard

Student photo of Felix Reichert by Andrea Unterberger using Leica X1.

And the opposite way: student photo of Andrea Unterberger by Felix Reichert using Leica M9.

Matthias Frei and Ms Frei out and about in Salzburg with their Leica M9 and Fuji X100. Photo by Pierre Pallez.

An rather acrobatic solution to photography, Thorsten Overgaard shooting from a higher level without falling down. Photo by Pierre Pallez using Leica M9 with 50mm Summicron-M f/2.0 (II).

Phtoographers shooting photographers. Photo by Pierre Pallez using Leica M9 with 50mm Summicron-M f/2.0 (II).

Sabine Kohler working with the Leica M9 and 90mm Summarit-M lens during the Overgaard Photo Seminar. Photo by Thorsten Overgaard using Leica M9 and 35mm Leica Summicron-M ASPH f/2.0

Thorsten Overgaard and Matthias Frei photographed by Sabine Kohler

Thorsten Overgaard
and Satomi Fujisawa b
y Sabine Kohler with Leica M9.

Lisa Kutzelnig of Leica Galerie Salzburg and Thorsten Overgaard signing the large images that has been sold at the evening of the vernissage. Only one large image is left, "The Couple" of two people having dinner at Paris Bar in Berlin (the woman holding a knife against her husband). The rest of the 68 images on the exhibition are almost all still available signed and in limited numbered editions in size 50 x 70 cm. For a list of images and prices, contact Karin Kaufmann at e-mail

Time to say good bye. Leaving Salzburg and the expo will continue for another 4-5 weeks till April 28, 2012.


More here:
Blog on Avenue 33
Leica Camera AG
Leica Galerie Salzburg

Buy "The Salzburg Collection"

Leica Galerie Salzburg

Buy your own limited edition "The Dior Lady" or one of the other 68 images in The Salzburg Collection

The large 125 x 180 cm edition is sold but there are still 50 x 70 cm editions available numbered x/5. If interested in this or to recieve the list of all 68 images in "The Salzburg Collection" to see what is available, simply click on the image below or send an e-mail to Karin Kaufmann and Lisa Kutzelnig at

All images are available online with international shipping in 50 x 70 cm signed limited edition silver-based Lambda prints (also known as C-type paper) from Leica Galerie Salzburg: See gallery of images and prices

Leica Galerie Salzburg presents The Salzburg Collection Limited Edition Prints by Thorsten Overgaard


Article in Salzburger Nachrichten by Eva Pittertschatscher. Click on the image for a PDF version:


Thorsten Overgaard, March 29, 2012




Above: Thorsten Overgaard being photographed with a huge film camera by Bernhard Müller for the FOKUS-NEWSBLOG.
Photo by Adrian Hawkmoon.









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