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Newsmail 684, February 2020 from Danish feature writer, photographer and educator Thorsten Overgaard "On The Road With von Overgaard"
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My 24th Anniversary (1996-2020)

Iím throwing in a special price on my workshops, for subscribers only..!

I am offering only 24 "Value Cards" for $1,500.00 each that you can use for any future Overgaard Workshop anywhere in the world, no matter the list price of the workshop.

You buy the gift card that acts as your ticket to any future workshop, and there are only a very limited number left. As long as the link works, you can buy this special offer.

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With it, you get the two Workflow Survival Kits for both Lightroom and Capture One (value $1,096.00) delivered instantly. Year, I know.

Itís almost too nice of me, but 24 year is a long time, so I'm happy to do it. You save up to $3,596, so that's why there are only 24 "Value Cards" available.

Send e-mail to for info and invoice, or simply buy the gift card package here, using the ADD TO CART to the right.

See you in a workshop somewhere in the world, soon!

/Thorsten Overgaard

23 years finding the magic of light ... Thorsten Overgaard in Los Angeles.

"Just wanted to thank you for the three days in NYC and all the insight. I really did have a lot of fun and enjoyed shooting we did quite a bit."

"The last days have been the experience of a lifetime.
I feel like the Universe has given me the green light to further develop my own style, rather than copying trends.†
I am humbled by the inspiration of Thorsten and my 9 classmates. Filled with awe at the magic of photography."
Joe Van Wyk†(San Antonio, Texas)

"Thank you all for teaching me so much, especially Thorsten of course. I really enjoyed seeing what everyone saw and photographed on our walks."

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Thorsten in New York, by Federico Quintana


Editing photographs in New York.

On-on-One Workshop, if you like

I do one-on-one workshops in Dubai, Paris, London, New York and Hollywood (and a few other places). If you want to spend a day or more intensively with me exploring the light, the rhythm and nail the focus every time it seems impossible, then mail for info on available dates and prices. 

I recommend a group workshop for the excellent dynamic, but I also understand that some times you want to focus in a one-on-one workshop. 

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† ∑ Thorsten Overgaard ∑∑ e-mail:

Thorsten von Overgaard is a Danish writer and photographer, specializing in fine art photography, portrait photography and documentary photography, known for writings about photography, as well as an educator and international photo competition judge.