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People I've met


This page is a ongoing excercise in trying to collect some of those those people I've met in my life and whom made some impression or another. And as I said, it's an ongoing thing ...

Mike Edwards.We met at the Freewinds ship in the Caribbean in 1997 and have tried to stay connected since. Mike is from the US and was in Columbia for 8 years colsulting the millitary. After we met in 1997 he went to Bosnia for some years to help out in refugee camps where he trained a team of 80 refugees in one camp to help other refugees. His companion then, Carlos, became the president of I-Help International in Los Angeles in 1997.

Joachim Bendig, a crazy German who is now head of the IAS Membership Office in Scandinavia. Here at AOSH EU in Copenhagen 2002.

© Bettmann IH055169  Ted Sorensen and John F. Kennedy and Theodore T. Sorensen
Ted Sorensen with JFK in 1962
© Bettmann IH055169

Ted Sorensen (1928-2010) was Special Council to the President and was John F. Kennedy’s speechwriter and personal assistant for 11 years. He has written quite a few books, "KENNEDY" from 1965 being the first one that I read and which made me contact him at his New York law office. His grandfather came from Mors in Denmark which was our excuse for meeting here in Denmark in May 2003 and visit his roots. He had only been her once, in 1963, for a brief visit and meeting with the King of Denmark. This time he had three days and the mayor of Mors island was so kind to arrange a one day tour of the spots of the island with connection to Sorensen’s family roots. Also he spoke at Børsen Executive Club, covering the theme "Inside the White House During International Crisis."

From my viewpoint his loyalty to Kennedy all the years up to this day – and his devotion to the values they stood for then – is unique in every sense of the word. He really stands out.

I've done a few articles on him, and translated his work into Danish news articles over the years. This one in Inforamation in 2007 [GB translation] and another one in Humanisten in 2008, "Er Obama en ny Kennedy" and an exclusive interview on his support to President Obama, "Yes, I believe He Can" when we met again in Stockholm in February 2009.

He wrote me an e-mail in 2005, saying "I never have any objection to your translating, circulating, even claiming
for yourself, my articles" – Theodore C. Sorensen

Ted Sorensen visiting Mors in Denmark May 2003 with his daughter Juliet
Ted Sorensen visiting his roots at Mors Island, Denmark, in May 2003. Here accompanied by his daughter Juliet. His grandfather left the island in 1886.

Ted and Thorsten at Mors the last evening before Ted and his daughter Juliet left for New York, 2003

Ole Boskov
Ole Boskov, danish singer-songwriter. We met back in 1990 where his career and wife was as taken out of Flashdance. Later in life we spent time discussing the art of being a fulltime artist. We spent a great time on the Freewinds ship in the Caribian and other places, and did a number of photo sessions. The one above is one of the first ones we did for the magazine Another World in 1996 and whihc he later used for a CD cover. He also wrote a special piece of music to me in 2009 I could use for my Leica videos. He was a great inspiration and friend of many people, and died way too young in June 2011.

Claus Due, award-winning danish graphic designer and owner of "designbolaget." We met in 1994 and have been hanging out since. He is my soulmate, we like the same music, learn a lot from each other about life and design.

Ian Krieger from New York. Well, he actually lived three years on a ship in the Caribbean, after he sold his part in the family-owned clothing business, writing poetry and films as well as collecting baskets which he shipped to his house in Venice Beach. Then he bought another house in Clearwater, Florida, and that is where he lives most of the time these days. The picture is a Polaroid from 1999 when we shared an A-deck cabin at the ship for a month or so.

Paul Boyle is a scottish lad living in Sydney where he has two kids and a construction -company. He has been traveling the world and we met in the Caribbean in December 2002.

Geo Francos from London. We met in 2002. He has a recording business together with two friends. He is a really well organized artist and recently released the Media Junkies CD-event with the well-known former British war-correspondent and MP Martin Bell.



Lisbet & Lars Najbjerg is godfather and godmother of Oliver and Caroline. They were working as a dentist and jet pilot, but after Lars sold his aviation company in 1997 they moved to UK to study Scientology. They came back to Denmark in 2003 where she now works in the church mission and Lars is an airline pilot with Maersk.

George Goodrich from Los Angeles used to call me Rabbi Torsten Smozten. He once was the famous owner of "New York Georges" in Los Angeles, a restaurant that he had the fortune burned down one day. He now works as en executive in a Glendale computer company, Executive Software. One the picture he looks like a lycky fellow, and he is; it is his two daughters.

Gerth Eriksson is the chairman of NTI. He called me in January 2002 because he wanted me to join the companys Senior Executive Committee. We met and liked the idea of working together. I'm not a racist, but he is actually the first swede I really liked.

David Matter was an italian chef who had restaurants and also has worked as the executive chef for Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark on several occasions. In 1997 he heard about Dianetics and sold several thousands books personally. Today he runs the Volunteer Minister Crusade which is a tour of six simoustanely exhibitions touring European cities. The above picture is from his visit to Århus in April 2003.

Oliver Stilling is a Danish writer and journalist that I met during Ted Sorensens visit in May 2003.
Even other people have very high expectations as to his talents (and I'm one of them) he tries to stay calm about it. He mostly works without tape recorder and paper, just being part of the events and then writing from what he remember; often pretty funny observations without making fun of anybody. He's been editor on Bertelsen on P1 and writer at DAGEN and EUROMAN, now works at editor in chief at DR2 "Den 11. time". He told me he once did a whole article on an astraunaut - the last man on the moon - after having met him for about 16 seconds in a doorway, just shaking his hand as he passed by.

Thomas Vater is department head in a Danish IT company. It might sound strange, but he met my ex-wife in a spa and then got the idea he wanted to work for me. So he did, as a sales manager from 1998 - 2001. We've travelled a lot together by car and have talked a lot about life and between.

Morten Leth Jacobsen was a person I was very happy I hired. Turned out to be a intelligent and capable personality that I made chief of the agency.
As he reads extremely fast, knows a lot and remember everyting he reads, we used to hand him over large files to read for homework and come back next day and give a summary. And he did! Today he works as information chief at South Jutland Symphony Orchestra [ ] – when not participating in Jeopardy or other intelligent games.
He wrote a book in 2004, "Sælg dit budskab på internettet" [Sell your message on the internet] that can be bought at

Patrizia Turner
was my supervisor throughout two very tough courses I did: Key to Life course in conceptual communication through 3 months in 1997 - and 2 months during the LOC course in personal and businesswise organization and ethics in 1998. A tough little italian powerhouse!

Mogens Gårdsmann
, illustrator and comics drawer. We did comics together from 1976 - 1985, published a magazine and also started an advertising agency together (in 1985). He now lives in Australia.

Jørgen Madsen
, enfant terrible from Copenhagen. We met in France in 1990. The picture is from the surprise party we held in 2001 on his 40th year birthday (the tuxedo was a gift).

Steen Tronsgaard, danish fashion and rock photographer. We met in 1989 when his studio was next to my office and did some professional work together and also went out for dinner and talked a lot about art, aesthetics and life.

Kristian Sørensen is a extremely talented young guy that come to work with me as a graphic designer in January 2001 when he was 21. In 2007 he won a bronze medal and A+ for his exam ad campaign.

, Citizen Europe! We met in 2001 when he was the Minister in the new Ministry of Ideas. He formerly was the one leading the LEGO into the electronic age and mostly makes a living of having fun and play with his gadgets. As a little boy in the US he had a vision about living in the mountains of Swizz - which is what he does now.

Eli Sander
, director in a consulting company in Denmark. We shared office for a year where he proved to be a real interesting and straight forward person with a lot of experience.

Agnethe Dalby
is director in a consulting company in Denmark. She worked for me for two years back in 1987 and we have stayed friends since, hanging out with the same group of people. We also worked together for three years in the local church from 1990-93 where she was known as "the mighty woman."

Johnny Heinmann - this picture is from 1988 when we worked together in the advertising agency D3. We met in 1979 after I had heard him on the radio and called him. He was 14 then and had just started his first publishing house. Later on he published books with Jørgen Clevin, Lotte Heise and other danish celebrities. Since 1992 he has been running the market analysis company, Analysegruppen.



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