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February 2009
Mayor of Aarhus, Nicolai Wammen
Mayor of Aarhus, Nicolai Wammen

Aarhus City Hall feature (wardrobe reserved politicians]

3. The new JP ÅRHUS BUSINESS magazine is out and contain a 8-page feature by Thorsten from the Aarhus City Hall, about the architecture and daily life in the house (photos above).

5. Thorsten covered the Copenhagen Fashion Week AW09 for WireImage and Getty Images.

Princess Mary of Denmark
Princess Mary of Denmark visiting the Copenhagen Fashion Week Autumn/Winther 09.

Gu?run Rögvadottir
Faroese fashion brand Gu∂run & Gu∂run released their Slow Dressing book. Here it's one of the Gu∂runs, Gu∂run Rögvadottir (∂ is a faroese letter like d but unpronounced).

Margit Brandt of Copenhagen
Margit Brandt of Copenhagen fashion show at CFW 09AW. It was their first fashion show in 20 years.

Margit Brandt of Copenhagen catwalk
Margit Brandt of Copenhagen catwalk.

Erik Brandt
Erik Brandt with his mother at the Margit Brandt of Copenhagen fashion show.

6. Thorsten and Emma Brumpton went to Stockholm to interview JFK speechwriter Ted Sorensen on John F. Kennedy and the first weeks in office of President Barack Obama for Associated Press. We also talked about his new book Counselor - A Life at the Edge of History. There will be a documentary, an interview, articles and stills from it.

Ted Sorensen and Thorsten Overgaard
Ted and Thorsten recounting old days from their 2003 trip to Mors Island, Denmark.

Ted Sorensen Copyrighted Video Still Picture 2009
Ted Sorensen interview (still from video tape)

Ted Sorensen and Emma Brumpton
Ted Sorensen and Emma Brumpton with the 2009-book Counselor - A Life at the Edge of History.

Thorsten Overgaard and Ted Sorensen
Thorsten and Ted with his assistant in Stockholm (still from video tape)

7. Thorsten hosted the MMK/CCHR event [Facebook link] at Hovedbiblioteket in Århus (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) where the documentary Deadly Profit ("Dødelig Profit") was shown.

Poul Erik and Thorsten preparing for the event.

Deadly Profit documentary
The documentary Deadly Profit about corruption in the medical industry.

14. Oliver, Robin, Lars, Mads and Thorsten took a Saturday afternoon walk around the lake.



Robin enjoying the sunshine...

Robin & Oliver
Robin & Oliver

Lars shooting with his Digilux 2


15. Robin & Maibritt went to Nicolas' birthday in the DGI Byen, a sports center in town.

16. Life in Robin's kindegarten:

Baking bread...

27. Maibritt went to housewarming at Lone's new place in Viborg.

28. Robin at Bogudsalg [book sales].




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