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Imprint - Impressum
The office in New York on 29th Street. August 2012.


Imprint - Impressum

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Thorsten von Overgaard can be hired for photographic assignments internationally, excluding Denmark, via the agent ATC Ltd in Hong Kong, e-mail: The travel schedule consist of 25+ cuntries a year.

Thorsten von Overgaard only performs a very limited number of assignments in Denmark.

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Above: The office in New York on 29th Street. August 2012.
© 2012-2017 Thorsten Overgaard.


Thorsten von Overgaard.  Photo by Birgit Krippner.
Thorsten von Overgaard.
Photo by Birgit Krippner.

Thorsten von Overgaard is a Danish writer and photographer, specializing in portrait photography and documentary photography, known for writings about photography and as an educator. Some photos are available as signed editions via galleries or online. For specific photography needs, contact Thorsten Overgaard via e-mail.

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