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The story of Oliver

Oliver Cosper Cornelius Overgaard [July 29, 1996]

oliver [at]

Oliver Overgaard
Oliver, July 2007

Oliver, December 2004 [Leica R8]

Caroline og Thorsten
Caroline and Thorsten photographed by Oliver with his Nikon EM. April 2004.

Oliver climbing threes in Århus, April 2004 [Leica R8]

Caroline and Oliver photographing in Mindeparken, April 2004 [Leica R8]

Oliver and Caroline climbing a 'mountain' in Århus, March 2004 [Leica M4].

Oliver Overgaard dancing July 2003
Oliver dancing on the beach, July 2003 [F3]

Oliver at the beach house, April 2003

Oliver dancing with his sister in the streets of Copenhagen, July 2000 [Minilux]

Oliver Overgaard July 2000
Oliver at the beach house, July 2000 [F3]

Oliver Overgaard July 2002
Oliver Cosper Cornelius Overgaard (July 2002) [Minilux]

Oliver Overgaard in Italy July 2002
Oliver would like to have three motorbikes when he gets older ..[Minilux]

Oliver Overgaard July 2000 Langeland Festival
Oliver at Langeland Music Festival, July 2000 [F3]

Oliver Overgaard June 2003
Oliver shot with the mobile phone, June 2003 [P800]

Oliver Overgaard July 2000
Oliver haning in a large door in Copenhagen, July 2000 [Minilux]

Oliver Overgaard
Oliver likes to watch cartoons and MTV ... [Minilux]

Oliver Overgaard
Oliver watching mountains from the train to Italy, July 2002 [Mililux]

Oliver in Italy, July 2002 [Minilux]

Oliver Overgaard and Søren Jensen Kildeskolen
Oliver and Søren working on a tower in the school, August 2002 [Minilux]

Oliver with his godfather, Lars, October 2003 [D1]

Oliver photographed by his sister, November 2004 [R8]

Oliver Overgaard
Oliver playing football at Jorden playground ... [Minilux]

Oliver Overgaard at Kildeskolen Sept 2002
Oliver to the right ... in Kildeskolen, September 2002 [Minilux]

Oliver in the kindergarden, May 2002 [VCR still]

Oliver Overgaard
Oliver with a birthday present, 29th July 2002 [Ixus aps]

Oliver Overgaard first schoolday
Oliver in school for the first time [August 2002] ... [Minilux]

Oliver Overgaard Aug 2001
Oliver at the playground "Jorden" ["Earth"] in Århus, August 2001 [F3]

Oliver in Kindergarden, 2000 [F3]

Oliver Overgaard
Oliver visiting the rabbits by the Brabrand Lake, August 2003 [D1]

Oliver fishing by the beach house, August 2002 [Minilux]

Oliver in the studio, January 2004 [D1]

Oliver Overgaard
Oliver sleeping, 4 December 2000.

Oliver playing, June 2003 [D1].

Oliver, December 1998.

Oliver, July 1997.



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