A letter from Thorsten von Overgaard


Alone but never lonely. I love the time to reflect and work.


Today is my birthday, and I probably couldn’t be in a better place. I’ve settled down in sunny Clearwater, Florida where my two oldest kids and their spouses live and work.

Besides having dinner every evening together, I work every day on future books and articles that I will be entertaining you with in the coming months and years.

I hired some people to plant flowers and clean the house to keep the economy going and make it all sparkle. Life must go on.


The darkest hour of the night comes just before dawn

Take note what means something to you, because in a near future we’ll return to normality, and it would be a shame if we returned to the same normality that the one we came from. It's in depressions that great movements move forward. It's in depressions that old regimes are overthrown. It is in depressions that people are willing to learn. And out of such a depression, a whole new culture might arise*.

Unexpected circumstances is what we have all been faced with in the last few weeks, and while it can be dark for a moment when it threatens your future goals and hopes, it is also an invitation to rewrite the script.

Take it to a new and higher level.


One of my neighbours' house ... it seems to look good.


A renaissance is coming

I do feel that now is the time to invent and create a beautiful future for the world after this. One of my projects that I work on finishing, is a book for all artists, on how to create and live your dream as an artist. This will be released on July 4, 2020.

My Portrait Book is on the finishing line, being released April 5. It has grown from 200 pages to 550 pages and can be preordered here.


The Portrait Book is in the final stage of edit and spellcheck. It's coming April 5.


I look at ways to take it to a new and higher level. My workshops are on hold and new dates will be set once we can plan again. Any workshop you signed up for you can move to any other location and date that aligns with your travel plans and wishes. There’s still a few $1,500 “Workshop Value Cards” available here (you buy a value card and can use it as your entry to any future workshop).


Stay safe everybody, we’ll get through this together.


Thorsten Overgaard

    Birthday cake after old recipie from Serbia and Turkish coffee for my birthday!


The future is in front of us.



The Birdthday Sale is on, with 90% discount. Visit my website www.overgaard.dk for more.



* = Quote from L. Ron Hubbard.