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Another World # 2 · June 2004 · Denmark
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Kelly Preston in Another World

This article is from Another World
no. 2
, June 2004.
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Danish translation
German article (MIND no. 2, December 2003)


By: Thorsten Overgaard

A whole row in a hospital with children suffering from the mysterious Kawasaki-syndrome, which the doctors have absolutely no clue about where comes from. The children cries and have high fever, swollen lymph nodes and red eyes. In the middle of this horror suddenly Kelly Preston and John Travolta shows up.
It’s not a sequel to the movie VIRUS but a real life experience of Kelly Preston’s that prompted her to go into action in the fight against those chemicals that are a hidden danger in our daily surroundings.

Thorsten Overgaard met Kelly Preston in Copenhagen for an update on her war on chemicals as well as her impression of the Danes, Danish meat balls and Christiania.

Read the interview in Another World no. 2 - in kiosks and supermarkets in Denmark and Norway from June 2004...



Thorsten Overgaard, februar 2004

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