The good Leica stuff...

I'll be trying to show a collection of THE GOOD STUFF for Leica. Tripods, filters, bags and what else might be handy to know about.

Leica minipod
The Leica minipod is a tripod for the pockter. It is very simple, very sturdy and has rubber-feets underneats, making it very suitable for stabilizing the camera against a wall, door, etc.

I always carry it in my photobag and often use it in low light when I need to stabilize the camera, yet have the freedom to move quickly and change angels (the ballhead allows this).



Leica 5X loupe

The Leica 5X loupe is for viewing films, framed slides and also (when the front slide holder) is removed viewing film and slide on a light table. The black front (with the logo) can be removed so that side light comes in and one can view printed pictures, etc with it.

It is very sturdy and clear to use. It somes with a neck strap that can easily be removed so that it is not in the way.


Gordy's camera straps are hand-made leather straps for different purposes. Check out the website at

gordy's camera straps

Thorsten Overgaard, August 2005


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