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Photo seminar I, II and III for Leica Digilux 2 geeks
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Photo seminar I + II for Leica Digilux 2 geeks in London
"All photography is about light" and
"Composition, timing and message"

You can read a bit more about the seminars on this new page "Learn With Thorsten Overgaard."

Photo seminar III "Graphic workflow and effective

For you who want to produce a professional result, but haven't had time to learn all the stuff, the professionals can do.
Photo seminar I

Part I
of the seminar take off in the fact that "all photography has to do with light," which will turn out to be a large enough truth to keep us occupied for a while – because light exist in different colors, strengths and comes from many sources.

The seminar will make it easy to see which parts in photography are essential , and which are cool, but not even remotely essential. Also, which camera should you choose - and how do you gain enough control over a camera to produce the pictures, you learn on this seminar, that you can in fact take?

The seminar is usually one evening of Seminar I, then one day of shooting where we go out as a group the next day (usually 6-9 persons), and then we meet again the next day for Seminar II.
I tend to plan seminars around weekends so that it is a Friday evening-Saturday-Sunday thing. Often a seminar weekend is followed by a Seminar III on Monday (10-18) for those interested in attending that seminar as well.
Usuaslly seminar dates are set s few months ahead and then spaces are offered with a discount for "early bird."
(In Denmark seminars are usually one day with an assignment in-between in the afternoon).

Photo seminar II

Part II of the seminar starts off with evaluating the practical assignments - which is a complete thriller and always something to learn a lot from.
And questions and doubts that arose during the assignments can be addressed.

Fotoseminar i København
On top of that, we'll be dealing with composition, timing, message of pictures, light and a checklist for photographing.

London, December 2009

Your own camera:
In reality, you can do this seminar without your own camera, but do you own one or more cameras, then bring them, because we often stumble into things on specific cameras, that can be solved at once. On top of that, there's plenty of gear to look at, so as to get an idea of what we're talking about.
And in fact, don't go buy a new camera for the seminar if you're in doubt. After the seminar you will know a lot more about which camera suits you.
The majority of attendees tot he seminars tend to be Leica shooters, and those who aren't, tend to become. Then you're warned!

Leica 6.2 med 15mm på foroseminar
Copenhagen, August 2007


Leica Digilux 2 special seminar in London on September 17-19, 2010
This seminar will be all what the popular Overgaard Photo Seminar usually is, but adressed towards Leica Digilux 2. And when we go shooting we do so with Digilux 2 cameras only, testing the remote control, the macro adapter, shooting style of a Digilux 2 shooter and all.

Doing practical assignment during the evening photo seminar in Fitzroy Street, London
Doing practical assignment during the evening photo seminar in Fitzroy Street, London (October 2009).

Sign up now via e-mail to or call
tel. (+45) 8870 7300.

Aruba, December 2009

Price guide:
Seminars are usually around 1,200$ per person (925$ for early sign-up), personal one-on-one training is usually about 2,500$ a day.

That's the working title for a one week seminar in May/June 2011 in Europe. It will be a very cosy thing for an rather exclusive group in a villa, with our own chef and lots of assignments. Send an e-mail for further information on availability and price.




Photo seminar III

We start off with getting in control of the colors, including calibrating your screen with a Pantone eye-one calibrator, so that the colors on your monitor are correct in the future. On top of the fact that colors look beautiful when correct, it will improve your work because the contrast, the amount of light and all will become adjusted to meet the industry standards.

When having put the professional foundation there, so to speak, we start creating your personal digital workflow: Import of pictures, archival of pictures, DAM (Digital Assets Management), selection of pictures (being an editor), preparing of files for several types of final (picture editing and adjustment) and then strategic archival of those (DAM).

This seminar will give insight into how you work with MANY picture files every week and in many years, without ever loosing the overview and without loosing valuable pictures. And another important thing; is how to complete the cycles of work so that you don't have tons of work piling up for later.

You will be equipped with some few, effective tools and trick that will enable you to make those dull, but in some way great pictures look good and sparkling, simply by using a small, but effective check list. And you will learn to FINISH pictures so that you have them ready for future use on web sites, in magazines and other print.

Your own computer:
Ideally you bring a computer with some software (you'll get a list in advance of free trials to download). However, you will leave the seminar with a checklist for all future, why the seminar can be done without your own computer (you might not have one, or it's a huge one).

Please ask via e-mail or telephone (+45) 8870 7300

About the headmaster!Thorsten Overgaard works as photographer, feature writer and teacher, as well as a communications consultant. He is the only Danish photographer who works for the worlds largest celebrity picture agency, and also photograph for Getty Images, Jyllands-Posten, Samvirke, TDC and Microsoft.
His work has been published in Vogue, Glamour. Variety, New York Sun, O Donna, Hollywood Life, Euroman and on E!, CNN, etc.

His hearth lies with Leica cameras and traditional color photography on slide film, scanned on the best scanners available. But today's workflow requires use of digital equipment on most assignments.

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