I love what I do. One of the small things is the soft calfskin leather strps for Leica M and Leica Q cameras that allow you to "Always Wear a Camera" and be ready, comfortable and in style.


Working through a crisis

One of the things we did when the crisis started, was to send our artisans funds to buy stock up of leater and materials. Many of the artisans that make the greatest brands are small families who have been doing this beautiful work for generations. Often they live above the workshop, or next to. By enabling them to work during the lockdown, we have been able to fill up our stocks and make their economy running.

Matteo Perin and the artisans have been making prototypes of new Leica SL2 bags, travel bags and more, while the artisans have been producing camera straps, The Von Camera Bag and other bags in new colors.


Everything is in stock for your pleasure

All of our "Always Wear a Camera" soft leather straps handmade by the finest Italian artisan families are now in stock for immediate shipping form the US or Europe.



Buy The "Yosemite" Camera Strap:
The delightful simple leater strap in soft calfskin, with orange edging. Available in two lengths, the normal 125cm or the extra long 145cm.
Black 125 cm or 145 cm   Safari Green 125cm or 145cm
Yellow 125cm or 145cm   Yellow 125cm or 145cm
Buy The "Concorde" Camera Strap:
Same as the Yosemite, but with decorative stubs inspired from horse straps. Soft calfskin with orange edging. Available in two lengths, the normal 125cm or the extra long 145cm.
Black 125cm or 145 cm:   Safari Green 125 cm or 145 cm
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"Yosemite" on the Leica MM of photographer Federico Quintana in New York.


I find that the more simple a design is, the harder it is to get it designed and made as I envision. When you try my camera strap, you will feel the love that went into making what is simply a leather strap. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I hope you will enjoy the camera strap.


Thorsten Overgaard


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Thorsten von Overgaard is a Danish writer and photographer, specializing in fine art photography, portrait photography and documentary photography, known for writings about photography, as well as an educator and international photo competition judge.