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New eBook and Video class
by Thorsten Overgaard:

What is Street Photography?

Street photography is, when you walk down the street, and then (this happened) ...

Thorsten Overgaard offers a liberating simple method of getting inspired and able to snap great moments, and sharing them.

"It doesn't require special talent or a secret sauce to take great photographs. What it takes is a camera you will want to always wear in your everyday life".

Street photography is what you make it, it can be very relaxed and simple. The main thing you learn from Thorsten Overgaard is to believe in yourself ... and you will take great photos.

New eBook and Video

This eBook and video cuts it down to be straight-forward and so simple anybody can become good at it, enjoy it and make great photographs.

"There are many things to learn about street photography, and that is why I have written a book about it and made eight new video chapters on it. Once you know how to do it, it’s very simple – And that is the reason I want you to read and use this Video class and eBook. You can buy it right here and get it in your inbox in minutes."

"The best street photos I did just simply happened naturally, not when I was 'out taking photos' but when I was walking to a cafe to have a coffee. Even they were made in 1/125th of a second, those are moments that have value for a lifetime, gets admiration, win awards and continuous selling again and again. When you look through the history of photography, you realize that most great photos was taken that way. They happened when someone was busy living life, but alter enough to carry a camera and knew how to use it fast.

That is the art in its simplicity, and it can be learned. Take the photo and know that you got something.


eBook + Video

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eBook with examples

In the eBook, Thorsten Overgaard gives specific checklists for how to do street photography, how to behave in the street and how to deal with strangers. And the eBook has examples of street photos he has taken, the story behind how they were taken, and what happened with them next.

+ 8 chapter video

In the simple video, Thorsten Overgaard goes over the key points in preparing for taking street photographs, how to work in the street, the history of street photography - and what to do with them.

/Thorsten Overgaard  


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Bundle of eBook plus 2 x Video Classes


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Get the bundle and save big! "This is Street Photography" eBook and video AND the "Street Photography Masterclass Videos"


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  "I was shy to take people photo on the street until I watched the Masterclass on Street Photography. I walked along yesterday morning and saw many beautiful people with their daily life - very interesting. Thank you!"
P. B. (Los Angeles)
  "I thought the masterclass was similar to your YouTube channel. Since I watched them all, I want to learn more and bought the Street and Leica M10 masterclass. I am completely wrong. This is the "real-masterclass". Thank you for making this happen on earth! Really appreciate it.
A. Q. (Frankfurt, Germany)
  "I have enjoyed your masterclasses and my street photography has improved. Thank you very much".
C. M. (Hong Kong)
  "I’m glad I found you...you are becoming a tremendous inspiration to me. Every video I have watched so far is a masterclass"
E. G. (Melbourne, Australia)
  "Since I discovered your pictures and the masterclass, my joy of photgraphing has been growing. I like my own pictures more because I now have a decisive focus on what I photograph".
A. S. (Copenhagen)



Watch the almost two hour talk with Thorsten Overgaard "What is Street Photography?" recorded live at BH Photo in New York in October 2017: