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Newsmail 350, September 7, 2017 from Danish feature writer, photographer and educator Thorsten Overgaard   "Magic of Light Televison"


Leica M10
Video Masterclass

Enjoy this easy to use video class
with Thorsten Overgaard going over the Leica M10. More than one hour of one-on-one with Thorsten on the camera, the menu, lenses, shooting outside, menu, focusing and much more.

Preorder for delivery Sept 15
Price $398.00. SAVE $100.00.

ONLY $298


Leica M 240
Video Masterclass

Staight-forward and easy to use
video class with Thorsten Overgaard getting into action with the Leica M 240.
Almost two hours of one-on-one on camera, the menu, shootin street and portrait, focusing and much more.

Preorder for delivery Oct 15
Price $398.00. SAVE $100.00.

ONLY $298

For computer, iPad, smartphone and Kindle.       100% satisfaction or 100% return.
Focusing   The parts of the camera   Sensors, colors and white balance   History
You get to see Thorsten smile   Lenses and adapters   Using the EVF   Out and about with the Leica
The EVF and focusing   Light metering   The menu



  · © Thorsten Overgaard · e-mail:

Thorsten von Overgaard is a Danish writer and photographer, specializing in fine art photography, portrait photography and documentary photography, known for writings about photography, as well as an educator and international photo competition judge.



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